Nintendo Switch System Update

Nintendo Switch System Update Includes Controller Remapping Support

Nintendo Switch System Update Includes Controller Remapping Support

The newest system updated to the Nintendo Switch gaming console is now available. Version 10.0.0 provides the opportunity to remap controller buttons. This update is one of the most highly-anticipated ones among Switch users. It provides extra functionality for the Switch, which is a necessity for people who prefer to play with a specific hand.

The remapping feature lets the user control the button configurations and analog stick functions. The user can produce unique configurations under the Controllers and Sensors part of the System Settings menu. The new settings will be saved on the Switch system.

Nintendo Switch System Update
Nintendo Switch System Update

Each system can support up to five custom setups for individual controller types. These include the left and right Joy-Con setups, plus five for the Switch Pro Controller and another five for the Switch Lite. The feature is not available for other controller models.

The ability to adjust these controls is useful for players who want something that can support specific motions. For instance, a user could reprogram a controller to where the A button will do what the B button would normally execute. The feature is also ideal for use in games where the user cannot adjust the button settings.

The ability to adjust both of the Joy-Con controllers is also a positive point for some gamers. The two Joy-Con components work differently in the left and right hands. People who favor a specific hand when playing will appreciate the new update available for control use.

The change also works for the Switch Lite controller, which is a necessity for some players. The Switch Lite design links to the Switch unit, although it also has a complex control scheme. The ability to adjust buttons also works for people who favor specific hands when playing, since the design uses left and right-handed features.

What Else Is There?

The controller remapping feature is one of the things that the Switch system update has to offer. The new 10.0.0 update offers a bookmark feature in the News section. A user can bookmark up to 300 items in the News section. A user will need an online connection to read bookmarks. Anything that is no longer available cannot be viewed even if it had been bookmarked.

The user can also transfer downloadable content between the system memory and an SD card. Update info and DLC may move between the system and SD card. Save data for games and some content from updates may not be capable of moving between the two storage spots.

The User Settings menu also has a new section for Play Activity Settings. The options to display play activity and to delete activity data have gone from the Friends Settings menu to the Play Activity Settings spot.

Some other stability updates have been made, although these are mainly for background use. There are a few new profile icons available as well. These icons come from the hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. The features will provide an enhanced experience for playing games on the Switch console.

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