New Devices with Android 11

New Devices with Android 11 Must Support Seamless Updates

New Devices with Android 11 Must Support Seamless Updates:

Google has introduced a requirement for devices that will use the Android 11 mobile operating system. The rule states that a new device with Android 11 must support seamless updates.

The change occurs as the system will need to handle regular updates to ensure the Android OS is stable and functional. The seamless update feature ensures functionality, although concerns surround how much disk space would be necessary for updates.

New Devices with Android 11
New Devices with Android 11

How a Seamless Update Works

The seamless update process uses a few steps:

  1. The operating system on the current Android version will run on an active partition.
  2. The OS will create a copy of the inactive partitions.
  3. The OS will update those inactive partitions in the background. The inactive partitions will become part of the new version of the OS.
  4. You will have to reboot the device to move to the new version. After rebooting, the older OS version becomes an inactive partition. The new version is active.

The design makes it easier for a device to download and install updates without slowing the system down. But Google has never made this an option, which caused Samsung and other manufacturers to avoid incorporating this in the setup. By incorporating mandatory updates like this, these companies will have to start offering the setup.

Internal Space Necessary

A concern surrounding background updates in this manner is that they require more disk space for operation. Many OEMs have avoided offering these updates due to the issue. There may be a potential for some future devices to have larger drives with some partitions designed exclusively to handle whatever updates are to work in the future. The size of the update will vary by each instance.

The seamless update feature would focus on the hard drive inside the device. An SD card or other flash item would not work. The operating system is inside the hard drive, thus making it necessary for seamless updates to work with the hard drive over anything else. Users might have to be cautious when looking at disk space to ensure that the updates they get will work without anything being lost or inhibited.

When Will It Come?

The new change on the Android 11 operating system will be vital for all new devices that will be sent out with the new OS. It is unclear if older items that will move on to the Android 11 OS will have to use this feature, or if it will be an option for use.

The new OS is expected to launch in late 2020 or early 2021. This will be around the time the next flagship devices for Android OEMs comes along. Those devices will automatically have a seamless update feature, thus producing a better approach to work.

The design will influence how well future Android-powered devices work and how people use Android. The seamless update feature ensures that users will have more control over how well they can keep using their devices without risking any issues over how it works.

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