New Car-Sharing Service Shariot Offers Rentals From As Low As S$1/Hr

The new Shariot carsharing service was launched last October, with the aim of providing affordable carsharing services to Singaporeans.

It targets people in the heart of the region, offering short-term vehicle rentals starting at S $ 1 per hour.

“We understand that owning a car in Singapore is a luxury that comes with long-term commitments,” said a spokesperson for Shariot.

“With the growing demand for carsharing services since the reopening of Phase 2 of the economy last year, we believe we can provide users with affordable, accessible and personalized carsharing experiences.”

Operating 24/7, Shariot adopts an A to A round-trip carpooling model.

In other words, Shariot users – who are affectionately referred to as Sharioteers – must collect and drop off the car in the same location.

Sharioteers are supposed to pick them up from a parking lot closest to their home, drive them for as long as they need, and then drive them home as if they own that vehicle. For such a short period of time as the Shariotes would be using the vehicle, he is really supposed to want to use their own personal vehicle.

The one-way carsharing model, also known as A to B, creates a less than desirable effect as vehicles at any time and at any time can be changed overnight, giving some users less time. options when they need to book the vehicles the most. .

– Shariot spokesperson

10,000 registrations in a single day

car-sharing shariot singapore
Image Credit: Shariot

When Shariot was first launched, they were greeted with an “overwhelming response that was just amazing”.

They received over 10,000 registrations in a single day and their live chat was inundated with messages that their Customer Service Agents (CSOs) were struggling to manage the sheer volume of inquiries.

“Fortunately, we were able to overcome this wave of responses and truly cherish the first adapters that signed up with us,” said the spokesperson for Shariot.

While they saw high demand from the start, they also experienced startup issues early on. They were initially short on staff, along with small technical application issues that were preventing users from signing up.

Since then, Shariot has intensified its recruitments to better respond to user demands and is still looking to hire to expand its team.

“As for the development of the app, we have since fixed all the major issues interfering with the experience and we continue to make the experience even better for Sharioteers with some major updates coming in the next month. approximately, “Shariot spokesman said.

How to book a Shariot car

According to Shariot, his fleet of cars is easily accessible near MRT stations across the island.

shariot app car sharing singapore
Shariot app / Image credit: Shariot

To join Shariot, users will first need to complete registration on his app – available for download on iOS and Android devices – by uploading their NRIC and driver’s license.

Shariot does not charge any membership registration fees, but users will be required to pay a security deposit of S $ 100, which will be refunded once the user chooses to terminate their account.

Once the Shariot team has verified the user’s contact details, they can then access their entire fleet of cars.

The user can book a Shariot by simply selecting its location, duration of travel and an available vehicle. After collecting the vehicle at the time of booking, the user can simply swipe ‘start trip’ to start the trip.

The hassle-free nature of our service means Sharioteers can unlock their ride and leave completely keyless. Animals are also admitted.

Car rentals, on the other hand, typically only allow advance reservations during office hours, and vehicles can be picked up from limited locations that may not be easily accessible or as convenient. We try to make it even easier to drive a vehicle whenever the need arises, without having to show up at a certain location to rent a vehicle in the traditional sense.

– Shariot spokesperson

Shariot Pricing / Screenshot of Shariot website

Shariot prides itself on having one of the lowest rates among other carsharing services in Singapore.

There are no confusing price tables, but a clear billing table based solely on the class of the car and the time of booking.

Shariot cars are divided into three different vehicle class types: Shariot Saver, Shariot Standard and Shariot Plus. To put things in perspective, here are some cars in the respective classes:

  • Shariot Saver: Toyota Altis, Volkswagen Polo, Suzuki Hustler, Toyota Allion, Kia Forte, Mazda 3, Toyota Wish
  • Shariot Standard: Honda Vezel Petrol, Audi A1, Kia K3, Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Axio
  • Shariot Plus: Toyota Sienta, Toyota Vellfire, Audi A3, Toyota Prius, Honda Vezel Hybrid, Honda Grace Hybrid

“Shariotes can hire vehicles for as little as 15 minutes with rates starting as low as $ 0.25 during off-peak hours (12:00 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.),” the spokesperson said, adding that they had no plans to increase their rates during the next high season.

Step up safety and health efforts during COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed impacted many businesses, it has also presented business opportunities.

The positive side of the pandemic is that, rather than carpooling with others, commuters are looking for an alternative where they can have a car for themselves (so they can) minimize contact with others.

This has resulted in a high demand for our service, especially during the holiday season. As people are not allowed to travel abroad, we are seeing more users renting cars to get around Singapore.

– Shariot spokesperson

The pandemic also meant they had to step up their safety and health efforts, which Shariot takes very seriously.

car-sharing shariot singapore
Image Credit: Shariot

Shariot has an operational team that takes care of car washes, sanitation and all maintenance work, in addition to weekly cleanings of its entire fleet.

For example, if the interior of their vehicle is dirty during salvage (animal fur, cigarette ash, dirt, clutter, vomit, etc.), the Shariot team will take immediate action to clean it.

In fact, they have a dedicated team of car groomers crisscrossing Singapore to address various concerns raised by the Sharioteers.

So what happens to stray users who damage or dirty Shariot’s car?

“For users who do not meet our community’s standards, we are currently sanctioning them after an investigation and in many cases preventing the user from using our service again,” said the spokesperson for Shariot.

“We are proud of our fleet of Shariotes and will not let members of our community suffer at the hands of a few irresponsible recruiters.”

He added that they will work to encourage responsible use in a future update to the platform and their terms and conditions (T & Cs).

On social media, Shariot makes a point of constantly reminding users of the importance of road safety and responsibility to themselves and others when using their vehicles.

Asia’s car-sharing industry to grow

While owning a car is an undeniable luxury for the average Singaporean, carsharing services are expected to increase by 31.5% CAGR from 2018 to 2024.

In Asia-Pacific, the carsharing market is expected to reach US $ 2 billion by 2024.

Likewise, in Singapore, we are seeing a resumption of this trend due to the flexibility, easy access to proximity and comfortable journeys provided by carpooling services, ”said the spokesperson for Shariot.

As carsharing proves to be a booming opportunity, the Shariot team is excited to further develop its service.

car-sharing shariot singapore
Image Credit: Shariot

The founding team invested an “initial seven-figure investment” to launch the start-up. Although they have not yet reached the breakeven point, Shariot has “been successful” so far.

They declined to comment on specific growth figures, but revealed that they have more than doubled their fleet of vehicles since the launch of their service in October 2020.

The size of our fleet will exceed 400 in the coming months to the benefit of many users who are waiting to use our service. … In addition, 200 more vehicles will make their island-wide debuts by Q2 (2021).

We are currently rolling out 100 brand new cars ranging from Toyota C-HRs to Honda hybrids and many more. This is unprecedented as most of the companies in this industry rely only on cars that have been leased multiple times with different companies.

– Shariot spokesperson

Also, while Shariot now operates on a point A to A car sharing model, he acknowledges that he also sees the need for the A to B model, so they are “looking at it closely” and could introduce this option. . down the road.

“Our future expansion will allow many more features that will make the overall experience much better. We look forward to serving our community in a way that has never been seen before. “

“Right now our main goal is to take all the feedback from our user base into account and create a service that is focused on them. We not only listen, but we care. “

Shariot added that he hopes to make a change in what car sharing means for users and make them understand why their platform is fundamentally different from many others in the market.

Featured Image Credit: Shariot

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