MyPillow Becomes Visible Amid a Culture War Debate

American President Donald Trump has proven to be one of the world’s most divisive figures. Many people who support Trump are often shunned by his enemies, and the same goes the other way around. One person who is a strong supporter of Trump, who has become more visible as of late is Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of the MyPillow company.

The MyPillow company will shift much of its American-based production from its home products to making face masks for hospitals during the pandemic. Many are applauding Lindell’s decision to support the fight against COVID-19. But many have also criticized him for his staunch support of the president.


White House Rose Garden

On March 30, President Trump held a conference at the White House Rose Garden, where various leaders of American businesses got together to support efforts to fight the coronavirus. The leaders of Procter and Gamble, Honeywell, and Jockey were all on hand. Mike Lindell was also there.

When Lindell got up to speak, he mentioned that the United States had “turned its back on God,” and that the Christian faith was not a part of American life. He also claimed that “God gave us grace” on November 8, 2016, the date when Trump won the presidential election.

Lindell’s statement has triggered the latest point in the culture war. Many conservatives, particularly Christian conservatives, applauded Lindell and said that people need Christ in their lives. Liberals have criticized Lindell for his statements, although some liberals say they should celebrate Lindell for his willingness to stop the coronavirus.

There have been some rumors that Lindell is being encouraged to run to be the governor of his home state of Minnesota in 2022. Current Democrat Governor Tim Walz has a strong approval rating in the state, but his support for abortion rights has made him a target among conservatives.

Lindell has also taken the opportunity to criticize people who are unhappy with how well his company is performing. He even went online to discuss how he claims Twitter is “restricting” or “shadowbanning” his messages on the platform. The complaint has been similar to what many conservatives argue, stating that their opinions are censored on Twitter, while the “blue checkmarks” elsewhere get more attention because they supposedly have liberal views.

What Is MyPillow?

MyPillow has become an increasingly visible company, thanks to Mike Lindell’s words. Lindell formed the company in 2004. MyPillow has sold more than forty million pillows since it was formed. There are about 1,500 employees in the company, and they all work out of the United States.

The MyPillow product features various pieces of open-cell poly-foam. A resin is included to allow the foam to retain its shape. The design produces a washable pillow that is non-allergenic and available in many firmness levels.

MyPillow has expanded its assortment of products over the years. The company also makes bed sheets and other linens. Pet beds are also available from MyPillow. Various commercials have also been airing on many networks highlighting the company’s products.

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