Multani Mitti Face Pack for Acne

Multani Mitti Face Pack: Acne is a skin disease consisting of blemishes, which can occur on the following:-

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulder, and
  • Back

This skin problem is widespread in teen years, but it can affect you during adulthood as well.

Multani Mitti Face Pack for Acne

To keep your hair and skin well lubricated, your body depends on sebaceous glands, which is just under your skin. These glands release an oily substance called sebum. This sebum makes a protective layer on your skin to prevent drying. It comes out of your pores, on the skin surface and makes it shed the dead cells. Sebum carries nutrients to the outer surface of the skin.

There are times when your body produces extra sebum (directly proportional to the diet you take and routine you follow). This when gets mixed with dead cells, it accumulates in your pores and blocks them. This creates skin blemishes. This blockage is not right for you. This promotes bacterial functions on your skin surface. It results in inflammation of your skin.

Usually, whiteheads on your skin are the – would be pimples. These eventually turn black when exposed to air. Some multiple versions of acne are Pimples and cysts.

 What treatment to opt for?

There are several homemade face masks you may try. But remember! These treatments have to be directly proportional to your skin type. This being mentioned here because oily skin treatment is different than other skin types. Oily skin is the most acne-prone skin. There have been theories which have suggested that honey facial mask for acne is best for dry skin types. So, if you have acne and your skin is oily, avoid honey.

If you are tired of trying several methods and got no results, you may decide best drugstore face wash for oily acne prone skin, though visiting a dermatologist is highly recommended before any such move.

Face masks

If you decide to go by the traditional methods, then face covers are the best for your skin. There are different combinations of ingredients for different skin types. TO learn about how to make a facial mask at home, you just need to Google to know about the materials to use. There is nothing that can get compared to home remedies for facial masks. Make your facial mask by educating yourself.

Fuller’s earth- Multani mitti

Multani mitti mask has been in use for centuries now. The benefits of Multani mitti are plenty. It is a vital ingredient belonging to the recipe for glowing skin. Many believe that it is primarily for oily skin, but it has proved its mettle in the genre of face mask recipes for dry skin. If you wish to mix some more ingredients along with Multani mitti, then research avocado mask for oily skin. The mix of mud with fruit has got anti-bacterial properties. It prevents clogging of pores and appearance of pimples/acne/ blemishes.

TO make the homemade calming face mask, you may add a little bit of sandalwood essential oil to create the effect. Sandalwood is supposed to be a cooling agent. It has the following benefits when a mask is made along with Multani mitti/fuller’s earth:-

  • It enhances your memory
  • Its anti-bacterial properties prevent pimple formation on your skin
  • It makes your skin glow

When the same Multani mitti is mixed with lemongrass essential oil, it is the best soothing homemade face masks you may ever apply on your skin. IT is best to research and learn about how to make homemade face masks for acne, with lemongrass essential oil. Reasons are mentioned below:-

  • It was used as a sedative in primitive times, mix aptly
  • It works as astringent, beware!

Multani mitti indeed works as the face primer for oily acne prone skin. If you wish to apply plain simple Multani mitti on your skin, it is the best face mask.

IF language is the barrier, you may always google about:-

  • Multani mitti benefits in Urdu
  • Multani mitti benefits in Hindi

Word is no barrier when it comes to educating thyself. Just follow the right path.


There are different skin types with different requirements. It is best if you observe yourself to understand the problem. DO not decide in haste. Be good to yourself.

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