M’sia’s Popular Companies To Work For In 2021, Job Openings & Benefits

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Hiring talent depends on a healthy balance of value creation between employees and employers. Employers expect a certain level of work and contribution from hires, and employees generally want to work in companies with excellent brand reputation, professional benefits, and potential for career advancement.

The Talentbank Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) recognizes companies that actively change corporate culture to attract new talent. It is important to listen to young voices because Generation Z will soon occupy more than a third of the world’s population.

It’s not just about bragging about the winners, the GCA also lets graduates and future graduates know which companies are highly sought after and preferred by their peers. This can motivate them to step up their game, stay ahead of the curve, and stand out from the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtalent, if they want to be hired by these companies.

Once the GCA 2021 results are finalized, here are the most attractive companies in Malaysia according to the graduates.

Have your say: Talentbank is currently collecting votes from graduates for GCA 2022. If you are a university / college student or have just graduated within the past 12 months, you are eligible for vote.

1. Maybank
Champion of the general classification, Champion of the banking sector

Maybank is one of the largest banks in Malaysia with more than 350 branches locally, and the bank employs more than 40,000 people worldwide.

For graduates keen to apply to the business, they offer programs such as the Global Maybank Apprentice Program, which are part of the development programs to develop a graduate’s skills in risk management, product strategy and more.

Maybank is also the GCA’s banking sector champion for the third year in a row.

Open positions listed here.

2. Google
1st finalist in the general classification, champion in technology

The world’s largest search engine needs no introduction and since entering Malaysia in 2011, it remains one of the most attractive companies to work for.

Fun fact: The current CEO of Google Malaysia, Marc Woo was the very first employee.

Former and current employees applauded the company’s work environment, healthy and free meals for gerai gugel employees and visitors, as well as the company’s flexible work hours and relaxed dress code.

Open positions listed here.

3. Microsoft (Malaysia)
2nd overall finalist, technology finalist

Microsoft is yet another famous name in the tech world. In 2020, Microsoft reported that it had over 258 million paid seats worldwide (customers who purchased) Office 365.

As noted on the company’s US site, employees can benefit from employee discounts, flexible working hours, and long maternity leave. Local employees also noted that the company provides a free stream of snacks, fruit and drinks.

Open positions listed here.

A photo from the office of Microsoft KL / Image credit: Steven Leach Group

4. Petroliam Nasional Berhad
Champion in chemistry, engineering and oil and gas, Top 5 overall winners

According to former employees, Petroliam Nasional Berhad aka PETRONAS offers a competitive salary and good bonuses every year, provided you are up to the challenges they present.

The company also operates several programs for graduates, such as the Graduate Employability Enhancement Program (GEES) and the PETRONAS Scholarship Program (PESP). Benefits for employees come in the form of flexible working arrangements, return programs and extended maternity leave.

Fun fact: PETRONAS has a young workforce, with 56% of its employees under the age of 36.

Open positions listed here.

5. Shopee Malaysia
E-commerce champion, Top 5 overall winners ranking

One of Malaysia’s largest e-commerce sites, Shopee has become a household name for many, especially during the pandemic.

That said, we recently wrote about Shopee’s Global Leaders Program (GLP), which provides new graduates with hands-on experience and leadership opportunities within the company. Graduates who have enrolled under GLP have the chance to work abroad, with a competitive salary, and most importantly, your work has the potential to shape Shopee’s future.

Open positions listed here.

Image Credit: Shopee

6. Intel Malaysia
Champion in electronics, 2nd finalist in engineering and technology, Top 10 overall

If you own a laptop or PC, you might have noticed this little Intel sticker on the device. But what you might not know is that 80% of laptop processors in the world use Intel processors.

Benefits of working with Intel include five bonus payments per year (in addition to mid-year and year-end bonuses), employee discount on Intel shares, flexible working hours, exclusive discounts for employees on Intel products, as well as moving services if you were to relocate to a new workplace.

Open positions listed here.

1st finalist in banking, Top 10 winners in the general classification

Especially for graduates, CIMB offers unique programs that might inspire you to work for the bank. One of the programs allows you to work for two different companies, and when you have completed the program, you can choose between the two for whom you want to work.

For example, the CIMB-Accenture Fusion program allows a graduate to experience both consulting and banking work, the first year spent at Accenture to gain consulting experience, and the second year in CIMB for a viewpoint. entire banking sector.

One of the main benefits of working with the CIMB is its staff rejuvenation program. It allows employees to take up to six months off to attend to life matters and return to work at the same position without risking a job.

Open positions listed here.

Taken during one of the ICMB scholarship programs in 2019 / Image credit: CIMB

8. Shell Malaysia
1st finalist in engineering and oil and gas, 2nd finalist in shared services, top 10 overall

Shell is one of the world’s largest petrochemical and energy companies, with approximately 86,000 employees in more than 70 countries.

The company is also one of the first to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace. For example, Shell has implemented women-specific programs such as the Career Development Program for Women (WCDP) and Shell Women’s Action Network (SWAN) to further strengthen the development of women in the business.

However, graduates who migrate to Shell should expect a demanding daily job with a high level of responsibility. But your efforts will be rewarded with performance-related pay, as well as opportunities for rapid progression.

Open positions listed here.

9. Celcom Axiata Berhad
Telecommunications champion, Top 10 winners

Celcom is one of the first mobile operator networks in Malaysia, as it was established in 1988. It is also part of the Axiata group, which owns other brands like electronic wallet Boost and digital marketing agency ADA .

If you enroll in the Axiata Graduate program, you have the chance to work with other brands under Axiata such as Boost, Axiata Digital, etc., exposing yourself to different industries while you work.

The program specifically seeks leaders who are willing and able to acquire skills quickly. Once you have completed the program, you can potentially obtain a permanent placement under one of Axiata’s brands.

According to former employees, the benefits come in the form of a cell phone allowance, employee discounts and comprehensive insurance.

Open positions listed here.

10. PwC Malaysia
Champion in accounting and professional services, Top 5 in consulting, Top 10 overall winners

PwC is one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world, and in 2020 the firm also reported revenues of US $ 43 billion. In Malaysia, the company employs more than 3,000 people at 7 sites.

When it comes to benefits, the company is quite vocal and transparent in what it offers.

Thanks to flex +, employees can benefit from a reduced work week to focus on their children or aging parents. They are also entitled to flexFridays, which allows them to leave work early every second Friday of the month.

Open positions listed here.

PWC KL office / Image credit: Steven Leach Group

Other notable companies that graduates find attractive

Besides the companies mentioned above, here are the other companies that graduates still voted as an attractive company that they would like to work for in their different categories:

Graduates, vote

As mentioned, Talentbank is looking for graduate votes for GCA 2022. If you are a university / college student or recently graduated within the past 12 months, you are eligible to vote.

If you vote and sponsor other college friends / colleagues you have a chance to win prizes ranging from one Apple Macbook Pro worth 5600 RM, a GoPro HERO 5 Black worth 1,559 RM, online shopping vouchers, and more.

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