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Author’s Blurb: I used to collect mason jars in college because of their usefulness and versatility. From lunch containers to DIY lamps, a single mason jar has endless possibilities to become anything you can think of.

Andrian See Joen and Angeline Ho shared the same sentiment when they used jars as packaging for leggings at their old business in 2014.

However, they found it difficult to source jars in Malaysia, even online. Taking matters into their own hands, they founded an e-commerce start-up called Jargeous.

The right company at the right time

With the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging in recent years, glass and metal packaging has become the norm for many companies.

“The zero waste movement is all about sustainability, reduction, reuse and recycling, which is why our business has thrived with the uplift of the movement,” Andrian told Vulcan Post.

Plus, with e-commerce taking over the traditional brick and mortar market, the company’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Andrian and Angeline.

Currently, companies represent 70% of their customers and the remaining 30% are end users. They have separate prices to cater for B2B and B2C customers.

In terms of B2B, Jargeous supplies its products to hotels, cafes, bars, grocery stores and event planners.

Businesses selling food or bulk products are the target population. Therefore, holiday times like Hari Raya or Christmas are some of the busiest times, which should see the number of jars people need to fill their homemade cookies.

They have small jars for powdered foods and large ones for bulk / Image Credit: Jargeous

To date, we have been told that their monthly income is between RM70,000 and RM100,000.

Expand their products and become international

Jargeous started out with only a small line of jars which were in common, and both knew there was a demand.

But after a few months and some customer feedback on their catalog, they decided to extend it to what it is today.

“Our supplies are a combination of local suppliers and international suppliers, such as China, Thailand, Taiwan and the United States. In addition to this, we also partnered with several factories to produce some jars and bottles which were not common.

They have jars that I wouldn’t easily find anywhere else (especially in retail stores) like a beehive glass jar and light bulb glass bottle.

The many things you can use their jars for besides storing food / Image Credit: Jargeous

Today, they have around 400 types of 20 stock management unit (SKU) jars when they started in their inventory and added printing solutions, labeling and design services to Jargeous.

Andrian is also a graphic designer himself, which he says was helpful when he and Angeline started this business.

In addition to expanding their product line, they have also succeeded in transforming their small storage room into a large showroom with an individual warehouse today.

The Jargeous Store / Image Credit: Jargeous

“We have also partnered with a few global logistics companies which allow us to export our products internationally to Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Hong Kong and the United States,” he said with pride. .

Despite their size, they have a small team of 5 full-time staff who work for them as they employ workers to handle their social media marketing and writing.

Fast growing company with fragile products

It mustn’t be easy to deal with fragile products all the time I thought, especially with overseas suppliers. In addition, glass is a very heavy material, especially in bulk.

“Due to the delicate and fragile nature of our products, we have to be extremely careful and aware of how we package the products for shipment,” Andrian said.

Since their jars come in various shapes and sizes, they have to use different methods to measure and package each type of jar differently.

They have also partnered with a courier company that handles local shipping and other logistics companies for international shipping to find the most affordable rates for their customers.

Local customers can also save on other options they have open, such as shopping or picking up at their store or even picking up at their designated pickup locations.

Help long distance customers gain real experience of buying jars

Aside from the e-commerce platform they currently have, they are also planning to consolidate their business into one app.

Some additions they plan to make to their app are a 360-degree view of each product and even a virtual tour of their showroom.

These features are specifically intended to help their long distance customers enjoy the experience of buying jars just like a walk-in customer would.

“My goal is to provide a more convenient way for the customer to see the jar more clearly so they don’t have to come to our store,” said Andrian.

Besides their digital upgrades, they also aim to have over 1000 varieties of jars in their product line.

Although many F&B SMEs have been affected by the pandemic, I was surprised to learn that it did not affect their business as a supplier too much.

“While restaurant businesses and hotels have definitely cut orders, businesses like grocery stores and door-to-door orders are actually increasing, which is fortunate,” Andrian told Vulcan Post.

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Featured Image Credit: Andrian See Joen, Founder of Jargeous

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