M’sian Coworking Space For Beauty Entrepreneurs

When Yap Yann Fang launched her shared spa in The Gardens Mall, she actually did not do any prior market research.

“It was a vision that I saw when the coworking space economy came into being. I was wondering, how can this be applied to the beauty industry? She wondered.

Based on the idea, she envisioned a place where beauticians could provide their services in a strategic and beautiful location with high-tech machines and resources to share.

“This is how the Beauty & Co coworking space was born,” she says.

Sharing for a fairer industry

Beauty & Co’s coworking space is basically what it looks like.

An economic model of shared economy where beauticians can use the space, its equipment and its products to serve their clients.

This removes the step where a regular beautician would have to start her own space with high capital expenditure.

The coworking space is an extension of their beauty salon which has been operating for 2 years with 7 outlets around the Klang Valley.

For now, The Gardens Mall is the only point of sale with coworking space.

And the team has already planned to open a second one next year in Bangsar South.

Reception area at the beauty salon / Image credit: Beauty & Co

Yann Fang uses this concept to tackle some issues in the beauty industry.

First, she shared that many experienced estheticians who start families tend to quit their jobs due to their long working hours.

Thus, the coworking space model allows them more flexibility where they can work on clients according to their own schedules.

Second, the current industry is in a disorganized state full of price wars, unethical practices and unhealthy competition, according to Yann Fang.

Thus, their space aims to set up standardized pricing with transparent practices.

You will train and work at it

Aspiring beauticians attending training / Image credit: Beauty & Co

Since the opening of the coworking space in March 2020, it already has 40 to 50 beauticians.

They range from several beauty disciplines including freelance estheticians, makeup artists, image consultants, fitness instructors, and even MLM agents.

Yann Fang shared that Beauty & Co is open to anyone wishing to learn.

This is different from HIPSALONS which only allow hairdressers established with an existing clientele to work in their shared salon.

“All estheticians interested in joining our coworking space will need to take our training, ranging from maintenance to the operations of the machines we have,” she said.

Then they should take a test for each of the trainings they attended.

Once the assessment is successful, beauticians can officially use the Beauty & Co coworking space and its machines provided.

For me, the amount of training and testing required is justified because the machines used for beauty services can cost outrageous amounts of money.

It would be better to make sure that those using it actually know what they are doing.

This is contrary to Bakebe’s co-cooking studio, where most would have used such kitchen appliances at least once before.

Yann Fang said that despite the launch just before the AGC, putting their operations on hold has worked to their advantage.

On the bright side, however, is that despite the lockdown, we are fortunate to receive the response from the public, and we actually ran a lot of online courses throughout the MCO period.

Yap Yann Fang, founder of Beauty & Co.

This gave them time to train new estheticians who also signed up as independent beauty advisers.

Decrease spending

Based on their records, Yann Fang said the beauty professionals will serve around 8-12 clients per week each.

Their average monthly income? A huge RM8,000 to RM12,000.

Of course, Beauty & Co takes a share of its profits, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

“Compared to if they have their own beauty salon, it would take a while for them to earn such amounts because there are a lot of other expenses and investments that they will have to take care of,” he said. she declared.

In the worst cases, they may need to invest more resources in their business to sustain themselves and survive.

The prices to become a member of the coworking space start at RM499.

These fees represent training courses, so the price will depend on the type of course chosen.

Estheticians will not be charged to use the space or machines after paying the initial classes and membership fees.

The Beauty & Co space has a maximum capacity of 26 beauticians to work at the same time, and there is no limit to the number of hours they can occupy the space.

They have the flexibility to book machines and rooms as and when they are needed for customers.

We are now working very diligently to build our community of beauty takers who can support each other, share and collaborate to create a healthy ecosystem of the beauty co-sharing economy.

Yap Yann Fang, founder of Beauty & Co.

In the short term, the team aims to have at least 100 estheticians registered in their space by the end of June 2021.

“Regarding long term goals, I aim to create a platform that will further improve the beauty and wellness industry in terms of integrity, technological expertise and education,” said declared Yann Fang.

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Featured Image Credit: Yap Yann Fang, Founder of Beauty & Co

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