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Some may say that social events are honestly a lot better with alcohol, but just opening a bottle of champagne or wine doesn’t add much fun to these events.

“Most people who want to party will go to a bar,” Kent, the founder of Brotenders told Vulcan Post. He had realized that catering companies lacked a range in alcoholic beverages like cocktails, mocktails, barrels of draft beer, etc.

Brotenders is a beverage catering service that offers freshly brewed cocktails and mocktails, draft beer kegs, waiters, bailiffs / bailiffs, brand ambassadors, glassware rentals and event management solutions.

Migrate to succeed in your business

The business started in 2015 when Kent took it upon himself to fill the void he saw in catering businesses and created a concept for a portable bar in Penang.

Sadly, they didn’t do well in Penang, as many locals just weren’t ready for a portable bar concept, according to Brotenders.

So, they brought their catering service to KL in 2017, and the new company name, Brotenders, was born.

Fortunately, their service was much better received in KL. Their demand increased as many people in the city loved the idea of ​​a portable bar, Kent shared with Vulcan Post.

“People would normally just buy bottles of hard liquor or cartons of beers to take away at their event, and we decided we can improve it in terms of looks and service by offering our portable bar.

“Customers no longer have to find a place for their after-parties as we are able to meet their drinking needs and if need be, we can also find DJs, sound systems, lighting, etc. etc.

A Brotenders portable bar / Image credit: Brotenders

Pivot to save their business during MCO

Before MCO, Brotenders earned an average of RM 30,000 per month just for events. They usually had 4 to 5 events per month.

During the holiday season, they could organize up to 10 events per month. At most, they did 16 events for a month.

You can expect to pay around 65-75 RM per person depending on the size of your guest list if you plan to hire them for wedding events. They also respond to private and corporate functions.

However, they were badly affected when MCO hit because people couldn’t have big events like these anymore.

“Customers were also afraid of the events because it represents a risk for everyone involved. We had hardly any business during the entire duration of the AGC ”, they recall.

So, they decided to focus on the idea of ​​delivering their bottled cocktails to customers, which was what they had wanted for some time: to have their own line of products.

Bottled cocktails accompanied by different dried herbs, fruits and spices / Image credit: Brotenders

Now bottled cocktails are a pretty specific focus, so I asked Brotenders why they chose to focus on selling this type of alcohol for their customers.

“We are changing consumer behavior not only to think of wine, beer and hard liquor, but also to include cocktails in their list of favorite drinks to consume at home,” they replied.

“The main reason people don’t drink cocktails at home is that making a good glass of cocktail requires skills and knowledge that only a mixologist normally possesses.”

So far, their cocktails have been well received, to the point that their first batch of glass bottles for their cocktails has already been completed. They are currently waiting for their second batch of glass bottles to continue selling these cocktails.

If you’re wondering what these cocktails taste like, you can check out our review on DiscoverKL here. Having tried the cocktails myself, I can see why their first batch managed to sell.

Not the last we would see from their portable bars / Image Credit: Brotenders

Not only are they bottled with class, but Brotenders have also included dried toppings with tiny wooden dowels to accompany the cocktails. It really adds to the experience of feeling like having a cocktail in an outdoor bar.

My favorite was their coffee cocktail, which almost tasted like a cold brew. I also particularly liked it because it had the least alcohol, which is how I like to enjoy my cocktails.

Getting the most out of its new product line

Brotenders currently has a pop-up bar in a hair salon / lifestyle store in Publika, which they have collaborated with.

“This collaboration consists of allowing their customers to enjoy our bottled cocktails while waiting for a haircut or after a haircut.”

“It gives us a certain retail presence, which is important because customers can actually experience our products in the flesh,” said Kent.

Although these cocktails were meant to save their business, they are also here to stay. They even plan to include bar hardware to add more unique party tools to their cocktail kits.

Currently, they are teaming up with their supplier to create a limited edition gift box containing a bar tool starter kit for customers to make their own cocktails at home.

They also plan to reach out to their corporate clients to offer virtual events like an online mixology workshop. But that’s not all they plan to get out of their new pivot.

“One of the unique party experience kits will be our Bro-kart, which is our fleet of electric karts that we can rent to our customers. Our Bro-karts are fully electric and can be used indoors or outdoors, as long as there is enough space, ”they shared with Vulcan Post.

Bro-karts to party with / Image Credit: Brotenders

Hopefully people don’t drink too much before playing these Bro-karts at their events.

Besides these unique businesses, Brotenders hopes to expand and bring its bottled cocktails and portable bar services to different states across the country.

And once the pandemic subsides and international borders reopen, they also aim to expand their business in Singapore.

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Featured Image Credit: Brotenders

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