MDEC & M’sian Coworking Spaces Offer Cheap Passes

It has been a difficult 4-5 months of slow activity for many startups since the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum.

Now that the survivors are trying to jumpstart their businesses, those in need of physical office space may find it difficult to cope with high rental costs and long-term contracts they aren’t sure they can commit to.

The short-term solution that the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), in partnership with the operators of Malaysia Digital Hub, has come up with is in the form of the Digital Hub Pass.

Essentially, these are daily RM10 passes and RM40 / week (5 day) passes at 5 select coworking spaces in Klang Valley: Common Ground, Co. Bangsar, Dojo KL, UnionSPACE and WORQ.

Typically, a UnionSPACE day pass would cost RM 35, while the WORQ day pass would cost RM 40, for example, so you get a huge discount.

Weekly passes are rarely offered by most coworking spaces, as their shorter membership plan would often be monthly passes, which is a higher commitment.

Entrepreneurs can choose between the 2 packages depending on their needs as they adjust to the new standard.

Many tech startups are opting for coworking spaces rather than traditional office leases, as the former have the advantage of being more profitable and more flexible.

Start-ups can also take advantage of facilities such as mentoring, funding opportunities, corporate partnerships, acceleration programs, among others.

More in progress

This initiative is aimed more at technology entrepreneurs who are not the existing tenants of the participating coworking spaces.

Interested entrepreneurs can obtain the Digital Hub Pass directly at the selected coworking spaces.

Although this current offering will only last until August 31, 2020, MDEC said there are more than 13 accelerators and coworking spaces in the pipeline that will soon participate with Malaysia Digital Hub to offer the Digital Hub Pass.

In total, there are 7 certified Malaysian digital hubs that support over 400 startups.

They partner with other accelerators and technology multinationals (MNCs) like Google, Amazon and Microsoft to create a talent pool and offer funding opportunities (via partners like Cradle, Gobi Partners, etc.), engagements community, events, mentoring, training, hackathons and various acceleration programs.

The Malaysia Digital Hub is part of the MDEC initiative to accelerate the growth of Malaysia’s digital economy while ensuring socio-economic inclusion by focusing on 3 key pillars: Malaysians with digital skills, businesses powered by digital and digital investments.

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Featured Image Credit: WORQ / Common Ground

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