Maya Hawke the Flower Girl at the Halloween Party

Maya Hawke the Flower Girl at the Halloween Party

Don’t think for a second that my girl was in her fancy dress this Halloween. In fact, she prefers the company of men in all sorts of situations, so don’t you dare suggest that I was any less dressed than any other female in the park. She loved to have her eyes washed every day so she would look like an angel, but she never wanted to get my mess on her clothes. That, I can take care of.

Not only do I have my own special costume, but I am usually one of the last people to arrive at the parties. But, this year, I’m so eager to be there for Maya, even if it’s just to say “hello” how are you”. It is actually so nice to see her smile every time I see her. I love this girl and I love being with her.

Maya Hawke the Flower Girl

You know when you get to be in the same place as someone that you know but haven’t met them before? Well, the girl next to me is just that, Maya Hawke. And when we ran into each other, we became best friends. How do I know this?

As I said, she doesn’t want to get my mess on her clothes. All she says is that it’s not easy being a woman. She had a lot of nightmares about her parents trying to get her out of her dressing gown, but I managed to keep her cooped up inside her dress all night long. Although, she did pick up a few tricks along the way. Just a few puffs on a smoke and my best friend would be out of her wedding dress.

Now, Maya has a tight, short shorts, white tank-top, and a flowery blouse. In fact, she had made them in an afternoon. They were a great gift for her husband, as they’re both avid gardeners.

When I ask her about the flowers and her blouse, she says they’re all from her garden. Actually, all the flowers are from Maya’s garden. She has a large garden in which she grows for fun, not to earn any money.

The birthday flowers were not too hard to find. I went to Wal-Mart, borrowed some from a friend, and bought her a nice box of pink roses. There are plenty of ways to find nice flowers, but that day, I really had to try to pick the right ones. Of course, they will only work with the season and the color and type of flower.

I just think it’s a shame to buy a bunch of birthday flowers but not find any that you like. If you can find a few of those in the middle of November, try them out.

I found out the hard way that Maya’s husband is a real antique collector. The first thing he gave me was a Tivoli picture frame and a little wool rug.

If he wasn’t buying the flowers, I’d bet Maya was. She loves everything about him, including that – there was one time that I asked her if she knew who she was getting married to. She looked at me funny and said, “If he wasn’t buying the flowers, I’d bet Maya was.”

Now that I think about it, I guess I would be her best friend, but Maya must be a little jealous to give someone else her flowers. It’s weird but true.

I asked Maya how the flowers were coming along. She told me that she always has a deadline for when the flowers should be delivered. She said that it might be around Thanksgiving, or that Christmas or at the end of October. She doesn’t say when it is because it might be raining and not quite what she expected.

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