Maximise Your Points With The New Maybank Grab Platinum Credit Card

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Grab recently announced that with Maybank and Mastercard, the company is releasing its own credit card, dubbed Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum credit card.

And here’s how to maximize your GrabReward points and Grab discounts using the new credit card.

There are a few things to consider when applying for the card:

  1. You must be a Grab user.
  2. The card is free for life (no annual subscription for the main and additional cards).
  3. You will need a minimum income of RM36,000 per year.
  4. You will need to go through the usual eKYC process when registering the card.
  5. Once approved, you will receive the card within 10 working days.

1. Pay with the card to earn up to 5 GrabRewards points

Once you have the credit card in hand and complete the first transaction, you can get 1000 GrabRewards points added to your account between 2 and 3 days. You will also be a Platinum level member for 6 months.

Since this is a credit card, you can also use it for non-Grab purchases. By doing this, you will get 1 GrabRewards point for every RM3 paid with the card.

Quick math: You spent RM 150 on a wireless charger and paid with the card. You will get 50 GrabRewards points added to your account once payment is made.

When you spend money overseas, you can get 2x the reward points for every RM1 charged.

It’s even better if you’re a series Grab. With every RM1 spent on Grab, you will also get 5x GrabRewards points. And that means your RM30 GrabCar ride will earn you 150 GrabRewards points.

2. Be a Platinum Grab member for 8x GrabRewards points

Depending on your Grab level, you get points every time you spend on GrabPay.

FloorPoints earned for each RM1 spent

This means that a Platinum level member could potentially get 8x points when you top up and spend with the new Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum credit card and the Grab app.

– You top up RM200 in your GrabPay wallet with the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum credit card, you get 1000 GrabRewards points.
– Spend 200 RM, you will instantly get 600 extra GrabRewards points (if you are a Platinum level member).
– In total, you will have 1600 GrabRewards points with only 200 RM spent.

Note: Payments such as FPX, JomPAY, Maybank EzyCash, Maybank EzyPay Installment or reloading other electronic wallets (except Grab) will not earn you any points. If a payment is refunded, your GrabRewards points will be automatically deducted after the refund process. For a full list of what will earn you points, check out here.

3. Look for GrabRewards and additional discounts from Grab partners

When you use the card at participating partners, you can also get additional discounts, on top of the GrabRewards points that you will get when you spend.

The partnersDiscounts
Klook7% discount on bookings with a minimum spend of RM 150 (discount capped at RM 20)
Use promo code: GRABMASTERCARD7
AlproRM8 discount with minimum RM80 spent
Harvey normanGet discount offers with the code: MBBGRAB
Zalora15% discount with a minimum of RM120 spent using promo code: GRABPAYCARD
Starbucks20% discount on the à la carte menu
SOCARRM10 discount with a minimum of 3 hours booking
HermoRM13 off with a minimum spend of RM 120, for new users 10% off with no minimum spend Existing users, RM 10 with a minimum spend of RM 120

Grab informed us that they are still looking to add partners, so you can expect more offers in the future.

4. GrabReward points are as good as cash

GrabRewards points are no longer limited to vouchers or redemptions.

A while back, Grab allowed its users to pay for Grab services like Grab Rides and GrabFood using their hard-earned GrabRewards points. And if you want, you can also use the points to pay for your purchases at stores that accept GrabPay.

The conversion is as follows:

  • 165 GrabReward points convert to RM1 when spent at stores that accept GrabPay.
  • 160 GrabReward points convert to RM1 when spent on Grab Rides or GrabFood.

Note that your GrabRewards points will expire if no transactions have been made for a certain period of time, so keep this in mind if you are saving the points for a specific reward or purchase.

You can pay on Grab just using your points / Image credit: Grab

How to Get Your Own Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card

To get the card, you must be a Grab and Maybank user. You can download the Grab app on iOS and Android, and sign up for Maybank here.

Once you’re active on both, you can sign up for the credit card through the Maybank2u app or through the Grab app, which will take you to the Maybank mobile site.

Note: When we signed up for the credit card on Android and iOS through the Maybank2u app, we encountered some issues, so we recommend going through the Grab app or the Maybank desktop website.

  • For more information on the Maybank Grab Platinum Mastercard credit card, click here.

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