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Author’s Blurb: I am someone who has never needed glasses thanks to my 20/20 vision. While in college, I started to suffer from dry eye syndrome due to excessive time spent looking at screens for college assignments. I eventually had to get blue light glasses to protect my eyes.

Wearing glasses is no longer just for correcting your vision or protecting your eyes. It is also considered a fashion trend.

Some who don’t need them would still buy an over-the-counter pair to wear as a fashionable accessory.

Julien saw it as an opportunity to grow his business, Wondersmy, which started out selling beauty and personal care products online.

“Later my team and I decided to put contact lenses on our website as well because we wanted to further enhance a person’s beauty,” she said.

Some time later, she met a couple of experienced optometrists and lens makers.

“I approached them to join me and let them know now is a good time to explore online eyewear opportunities, especially when people have to stay home during this pandemic lockdown.” , Julien said.

All three clicked sharing the same belief that choosing and getting the right pair of glasses would make a huge difference to a person’s physical appearance.

Together they started WonderSpecs.

Personalize your glasses

WonderSpecs works by having customers complete a questionnaire on their site to choose their glasses.

The frames on their site start with a base price as low as RM38. Once you have chosen a pair, you will then follow each step to choose the type of lenses for your glasses.

Of course, the cost adds up depending on the type of lenses you choose, as some serve more complex purposes than others.

The last step is to fill your prescription. If you are unsure, you can always download the prescription you got from an outsourced optometrist.

Julien said getting clients to fill their prescriptions was their biggest challenge.

“Most clients don’t know their own prescription. So I found the solution to retrieve my client’s existing frames for free, ”she explained.

From inspecting the old lenses, the team can determine their prescription. The glasses will then be returned to the customer once verified.

However, when asked whether or not WonderSpecs plans to provide optometry services in-house, Julien said his clients have no problem outsourcing their prescriptions.

“Surprisingly for us, many customers are willing to overcome the compromise by getting their prescription from their local or nearest optical store,” she explained.

And that makes sense, because going to the optometrist to have your eyes checked is free anyway.

She also shared that partnering with local optical stores is being considered in their future plans.

Perhaps they could even adopt the technology Pott Glasses uses to allow customers to take a home online vision test.

See clearly while looking well

Most people would like to have the opportunity to test the appearance of a pair of frames on their face before purchasing them.

Some companies like Pott Glasses and Focus Point already have a virtual try-on feature where you can choose a pair of frames and test their appearance through your webcam.

I tested the trial features of Pott Glasses and Focus Point.

Julien understands that this is an important aspect of online shopping. She expressed interest in integrating this functionality on the platform by the second quarter of next year.

She is also the type to embrace the competition and sees almost every other business as one.

“My team and I always believe that if we are the only ones then our business cannot continue to improve because there is no competition at all,” she said.

Despite the growing scene of optical stores turning to e-commerce, WonderSpecs stands out with its prices.

They are able to sell their products at lower prices due to its business partners’ close relationships with reputable lens and frame suppliers in Malaysia.

Julien said outsourcing this process makes the glasses fault-proof / Image credit: WonderSpecs

Julien also explained that the company subcontracted its lenses to a partner lens manufacturing laboratory to equip them with machines.

To further add value to their customers, WonderSpecs offers a simple checkout flow on their site that allows them to offer same day delivery.

Conclusion: It would be great to see WonderSpecs include the virtual try-on feature and in-home eye testing. Of course, home testing can come with a lot of user errors, so it makes sense that the company is reluctant to provide such a service.

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Featured Image Credit: Julien Lim, Co-Founder of WonderSpecs

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