Malaysian Parking Payment App’s Business Growth

When your user base keeps growing I’m pretty sure you can confidently take this as a sign that what you’re offering is something really needed.

Since its launch in 2015, JomParking has recorded more than 500,000 user downloads, an ever increasing number from the achievement of 1,790 users in the first year.

Nasir, CEO and Founder of JomParking, reflected on this growth, telling Vulcan Post: “There is a definite shift in the way users go digital. We have seen a rapid and significant increase in users every year. “

People are also more likely to turn to technology to solve problems these days, paying for included parking.

“Also, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, our numbers are increasing as people are more inclined to opt for contactless payment options to make their parking experience stress-free,” he said.

Always parked in the hearts of its users

Even in its early years, it was as if JomParking had thought of everything. They gave users as much information as possible: the area, the name of the area, its parking rates and opening hours.

What if your mom couldn’t find a parking machine and didn’t have a phone, or wasn’t smart enough to use the app? They already had an “add another vehicle” feature that let you pay for it, anytime, anywhere.

Now they have added the ability for users to be notified if they receive a parking summons, although this has only been rolled out in Tanah Merah District Council, Kelantan, for the time being. They are in the process of implementing it in other areas as well.

Some other features they added to the app include:

  • Transaction history, for users who wish to claim their parking payments,
  • Tokens that do not expire (RM1 = 100 tokens, the app currency to pay for parking),
  • Token sharing, so that users have more options to manage tokens.

Recently, DBKL’s announcement to work with multiple cashless parking payment apps caused some uproar when JomParking was not initially revealed as one of them.

Users found this strange, as they were already used to using JomParking in DBKL areas since 2015, when it was the only cashless payment in the region.

This was later resolved, and JomParking was once again active in DBKL areas, much to the relief of their users.

Switch to corporate partnerships

As a startup, JomParking realized early on the importance of visibility. They therefore joined the first MaGIC cohort of their Global Accelerator Program (GAP) and were able to present their solutions to industry experts and potential investors.

Today, they are able to stay connected to the community through exhibitions, events and conferences, all of which have opened doors for the team.

The JomParking team at an event / Image credit: JomParking

They were even able to present their products and services abroad at the InnoVEX fair in Taipei, Taiwan, for example.

JomParking has also ventured into corporate partnerships, and one of their most recent is with a VC from South Korea, TheVentures.

“Our strategic partnership with TheVentures will allow us to improve our systems and technology in our efforts to lead the digitization of the parking industry in Southeast Asia,” said Nasir.

“This aligns with our goal of creating the first vehicle data exchange in Southeast Asia, while leading the parking industry’s transition to the adoption of the Smart City concept.

To make this happen, they work closely with other agencies such as MaGIC, MARii, MDEC, SITEC, Cradle and Cyberview.

Driving growth locally and globally

“Ultimately the goal is to cover all of Malaysia because the potential for digitizing parking is vast and national,” Nasir replied, when Vulcan Post asked about some of the upcoming areas where JomParking wanted to settle down.

Currently, JomParking has over 20 locations nationwide and 2 locations worldwide in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

Even during CMCO, they were able to launch 2 new local venues, one of which was Tanah Merah, Kelantan and Taman Mutiara Raya, Cheras.

In preparation, 17 new sites are launched – 10 on the home front and 7 abroad.

Each time a site was launched, they did field marketing activities for 2 weeks to get the news out.

On top of that, they also run various online campaigns and have worked with notable brands such as Grab, Huawei, AirAsia, and iflix.

It’s true that there are other players in the cashless parking payment arena, but Nasir doesn’t see the competition as a concern.

Competition for him is just a way to keep pushing for innovation, and each company has its own advantages and disadvantages.

He even added quite diplomatically: “JomParking is happy not only to share the trick of the trade with other states interested in digitizing their parking payment system, but also to coexist with other apps.”

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Featured Image Credit: Muhamad Nasir Habizar, CEO of JomParking

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