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After a 3-year career hiatus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following her husband’s job transfer there, Nadia returned to hectic corporate life at KL to work as in-house legal counsel . Soon after, she was struck with lethargy and anxiety from work.

Worse yet, her husband, who was also back in Malaysia, later tested positive for COVID-19, and she now had to juggle WFH while caring for a quarantined family member.

It was then that she thought she needed to consume something that could simultaneously increase her energy level and her husband’s immunity. “I researched wellness injections, consumed them daily and felt they made a big difference to our body. We did R&D on the product, we tested and verified it with our family and friends, ”she told Vulcan Post.

“It was the series of events that sparked the idea before I decided to pursue Worth-A-SHOT! professionally.”

Join the wellness industry

Through her Instagram business, Nadia makes and sells cold-pressed fruit juices that come in small 30ml bottles meant to be swallowed in the morning. Its main ingredients are turmeric, lemon, orange juice, ginger and honey.

To make it worth the cost of deliveries via third-party couriers, the product is sold in half a dozen lots:

  • 30 RM for 6 bottles (consumption 1 week),
  • 59 RM for 12 bottles (consumption over 2 weeks).

Wellness and health can be an elite industry, according to Nadia. Wanting to make her product accessible and affordable to all levels of society, she believes Worth-A-SHOT! its price is fair for long term consumption.

Nonetheless, Nadia isn’t the only brand selling turmeric and ginger drinks locally. There is another called Jiang Yeah Yeah (Grandpa Ginger) whose 750ml drink sells for RM128 each.

Doing the math, it looks like both are priced in a similar range, where to buy two dozen Worth-A-SHOT! the bottles would give you 720ml for RM118.

The ingredients that go into juices / Image Credit: Worth-A-SHOT!

The immunity boosters I’m most familiar with come in the form of supplements, which are plentiful. Buying supplements can cost around RM 130 for 120 pills, or around RM 1 per pill, which can take up to 4 months if taken 1 per day.

From what I think though, Nadia’s business stands out in the way she consumes her products, not to mention her branding. Think about what jokes you could tell before you show up for work every morning – for your health.

Even Nadia doesn’t try to compete with the supplement industry, telling Vulcan Post, “We respect and understand that the crowd has different tastes and preferences. Some may benefit from it in the form of supplements and some may benefit from it in the form of highly concentrated juices. “

“But, our team believes that there is always something for everyone because the goal remains the same, to maintain well-being and health.”

Numbers don’t lie

The legal advisor-entrepreneur also has a clientele to show for the demand for her turmeric injections. During her first month of starting the business, Worth-A-SHOT! had sold over 2,000 bottles (about 333 half a dozen orders) of which 85% were loyal customers.

For now, his juices are made to order in batches thanks to his home juice extractor.

Photos are made to order to keep their freshness / Image credit: Worth-A-SHOT!

One of the biggest challenges she faced, besides finding a full-time job, was getting the right fruits that depend on the seasons. Indeed, different species of them could change the taste of its product, sacrificing its quality control.

Another came in the form of anxiety, wondering if customers even wanted his product in the first place. However, Nadia was grateful for her luck and her entrepreneurial friends who recommended her products to their own customers.

She rang the bell, “Plus, when the clientele grows so rapidly, there is little time to dwell on doubt. Most of the time, we brave it!

In the short term, Nadia will develop new flavors for her immune vaccines, even trying vegetable-based recipes, which may not be familiar in the market. “The long-term goal is to open our first booth after our second year of operation, if not sooner,” she said with her fingers crossed.

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Image Credit: Nadia, Founder of Worth-A-SHOT!

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