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Author’s Blurb: I like to think that I’m generally a prepared person every time I go out. I always make sure I have the basics like tissues, wet tissues, medicine and hand sanitizer. But there will be times when I tend to leave out a little thing, or run out because I didn’t have more.

I’m not surprised that many others aren’t well prepared, as I’m used to being the one pulling tissues and other necessities out of my bag in my groups of friends.

Realizing that most people generally didn’t know what they needed to prepare, Bay Pui Ling thought about designing practical and practical prep kits.

She saw this as solutions to overcome minor situations and started creating them under a brand called In Case Of.

In these kits you will find things like face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, a coffee bag and mints, for example, depending on the kit you choose.

You might think these are trivial products compared to a first aid kit, but they’re not meant to respond to serious emergencies anyway.

Consider them rather as care packages, for the unexpected, small Alamak moments.

“We’re tapping into the millennial market that wants a tailored experience,” Bay said.

“They desire touching care, excitement and love to share their experiences with their own community. If something appeals to them, they would like to own one and even buy it for others.

A really useful gift

Personally, I thought In Case Of’s prep kits weren’t something I would buy for myself, as I could put something similar together on my own.

These are not common gifts you would give someone, but put them together and you have a handy care package / Image Credit: in case of

Having said that, I would still appreciate receiving one as a gift and would definitely give it to someone.

Unsurprisingly, the team behind In Case Of have 14 years of experience in the gift industry and created these products from customer feedback and ideas.

“It helps develop a complete buyer personality and helps us create unique ideas for our target customers,” Bay said.

As these kits are meant to be gifted, the team also put some effort into designing their brand, which initially caught my eye.

The brand is only 2 months old, but already has a strong brand image / Image credit: In case of

Just because the branding is adorable and the prep kits are genuinely useful, I see them as thoughtful and fun gifts for someone you care about.

There are several different prep kits available for offers, and each deals with a different situation like balik kampung, going back to school, or even just our daily life in the new normal.

“We create ideas from the customers’ point of view. In everyday life we ​​encounter many common situations, ”said Bay.

“We make a connection between products and events, we have to make sure they bundle up well and work practically for the consumer.”

Practical and cute

The first time I saw the price of the preparation kits, I was a little hesitant. Take, for example, the “On-The-Go” prep kit, which includes:

  • 3x surgical mask,
  • 3x pocket mask clip holder,
  • 1x disinfectant wipes,
  • 1x disinfectant spray,
  • 1x soap,
  • 1x soap container (assorted colors),
  • 1x emergency capsule, which includes dressings, stomach medicines, Panadol and more,
  • 1x A5 memo bottle,
  • 1x first aid pouch.

It costs 98 RM, and I guess if I were to put it all together in the same quantity myself, it wouldn’t quite come up to that price.

The ‘On-The-Go’ kit / Image credit: In case of

However, I would also spend time buying each of these products, and they wouldn’t come in cute packaging.

So for convenience, the cute packaging, and the fact that these are meant to be a gift and not necessarily for yourself, I see why the price can be justified.

In fact, “On-The-Go” is a kit they’ve received an overwhelming response to, which Bay attributes to providing most of the basic necessities for the new everyday normal.

Growing demand

Although she declined to share the numbers, she said their customer base and sales grew steadily throughout her 2 months in the market.

Mainly, they have received many requests from companies to help them provide care to employees working from home and to boost their morale during this difficult time.

Lifestyle stores have also contacted the team to list In Case Of’s products, which shows that there is a demand for what they offer.

Client needs, however, tend to change very quickly, and this is one of the biggest challenges that the team constantly faces.

“Customers get bored easily. We want to make sure our teams are responsive enough to capture the changes and craft the ideas that are interesting enough to consumers, ”said Bay.

She predicts that they will see huge growth during the Christmas season, but they plan to launch more than just seasonal gifts too.

Right now, their goal is to improve their products for market needs while making sure that the kits are fun and exciting enough that customers can recommend them to others.

Conclusion: I think what In Case Of offers is actually quite a compelling product once I realize it’s meant to be gifted. I’ve always struggled to find meaningful or useful gifts, but with these I have no doubt that they would be used directly by the recipient, whoever they are.

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Featured Image Credit: In Case Of

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