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Author’s Blurb: I am someone who is quite skeptical of any claims that it can reverse disease, especially chronic disease. Then again, I have never been on a diet long enough to see its effects fully manifest.

Savor Of Life aims to help patients with chronic illnesses reduce the severity of symptoms or even reverse them, simply by changing their diet and lifestyle choices.

Of course, there are other companies with the same goal in mind. One of them is Homey, which offers personalized nutritional meals to patients.

However, Savor Of Life differentiates itself by also offering individual coaching sessions with certified healthcare professionals, as well as an app to educate and monitor your progress.

Its founder and CEO, Shaun, is a Physician and Physician Certified in Lifestyle Medicine with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM).

He created this platform because he believes that many chronic epidemics are the result of the behavioral choices we make, which is a growing problem in the country.

Meal on medicine

A team of dietitians is responsible for preparing meals for Savor Of Life users.

Clients have the option to have a more independent approach, which means they can decide for themselves how long meal plans last, or be more dependent on Savor Of Life coaches by subscribing to the full range of services. .

Depending on how much you wish to be monitored, you can sign up for a health coach who will guide you through your progress in addition to diet and consult with you on any health related questions.

The coaching service will also give you access to their app to track your progress.

Savor Of Life takes their orders from their site and WhatsApp, and their services are as follows:

  • All meals are priced at RM18, and subscribers get a 20% discount,
  • Coaching starts at RM300 per month.
A meal from their menu and a screenshot of the app’s tracking features / Image Credit: Savor Of Life

But the service is not only for people with health conditions, as these meals and workouts can also be organized according to fitness goals.

For example, if you were on a weight loss diet, we would adjust the calorie content. Alternatively, if you just want a high protein meal to complement your bodybuilding regimen, the protein value is adjusted. Even for more serious illnesses, where you think there might be 101 things to adjust, the reality is much simpler with some curation by our dietitians and doctors.

Shaun, CEO and Co-Founder of Savor Of Life

Whole foods, plant-based diet

Despite each client’s specific nutritional demands, Shaun told us the team had no problem handling those demands.

Since “personalization” does not refer to the preferences or individual tastes of their customers, the team does not have to spend more time worrying about such requests.

What is meant here by customization is the adjustment of calorie content or protein value by adding or removing ingredients in a recipe, as Shaun had previously described.

All of their meals follow the ‘Complete Plant Based Food’ (WFPB), AKA Veganism diet.

But wouldn’t that mean potentially wiping out a significant portion of the Malaysian who eat meat?

This is not the case, according to Shaun. He said a majority of their users aren’t even vegetarians or vegans, but ultimately learn that meat isn’t necessary for pleasure or nutrition.

He also said that preparing their meals according to the WFPB diet was intentional because it had the best record of reducing all-cause mortality globally.

Dictionary time: All-cause mortality is the rate of all-cause mortality for a population during a given period.

Alaska Native Epidimiology Center

The team prepares meals to send / Image credit: Savor Of Life

Shaun said he has seen a 70-85% effectiveness rate for Savor Of Life customers across the board, especially in the fitness arena.

“A person lost 12 kg, 15% of blood pressure and 10% of body fat in 8 weeks, in return they gained in concentration, in self-confidence, in a normal cycle of hormones and in their happiness”, did he declare.

However, their empirical studies are still being studied as part of a clinical research team.

Prevention is better than cure

As everyone scrambled for healthcare during the pandemic, we asked if Savor Of Life was seeing any beneficial effects.

Shaun replied that they had seen a significant increase in income of at least 10% during this time.

Since starting in early 2019, they’ve grown from a small pilot group of 20 users to serving 200-300 users at a time, gaining 6-figure revenue in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

Like most businesses, the team had to find a way to move their interactions from large-scale in-person events to the online scene.

“People have been very interested in the educational and health videos that we are showing. In the last 2-3 weeks alone, we have over 200,000 people in Klang Valley watching what we broadcast, ”Shaun said.

Savor Of Life In-Person Events / Image Credit: Savor Of Life

The team plans to focus their short-term efforts on community building and bringing like-minded people together through therapeutic meals and community programs, both offline and online.

He also expressed interest in partnering with more clinics, educational institutions, community organizations, businesses and startups who want to see a similar change in their communities and teams.

Midway through, the team will direct their resources and incorporate the lessons they’ve learned about data to create a “One-Saves-Another” community experience with their existing coaching app.

Conclusion: Personally, I see the value in having a professional that you can consult with for any concerns throughout the rigorous recovery process. Going through on my own, it’s really hard to stay motivated when you aren’t getting immediate results.

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