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“Our target demographic is anyone who likes to see a happy face,” says Jarrod Joshua, one of the 4 founders of make hay, sunshine !, a whole food gift basket company.

make hay, sun! started out as a whole food distributor and e-commerce platform until the founders later realized the scale of the market and the various submarkets they could enter.

A little over a month after their launch, they received requests from their loved ones on creating gift boxes with the fruits they were selling.

“We posted a few photos of these first sets on our social media and requests poured in. Now, barely 5 months since the release of that first set, we’ve turned our attention to the freebies, ”Jarrod told Vulcan Post.

Stay flexible with your business

make hay, sun! does not use a pre-order method for their customers to purchase their products. This surprised me as pre-ordering is generally helpful in maintaining freshness and reducing wasted stock.

However, Jarrod explained that they try to keep the fruit variety in the flexible gift basket and only include seasonal fruit to maintain its freshness.

That’s why on their website, they note for each basket that the actual contents of their boxes may vary depending on the fresh flowers, fruits, and decor items available in stock and in season.

“A lot of fruit is not available all year round. Some may only be available 4 months per year. Even then, the supply closer to the start or end of the harvest season may not be at its best. “

Although they reject lots of fruit that do not meet their quality standards, these fruits are not wasted. Instead, they go to grocery stores.

Their gift boxes could also include meat and tea depending on the theme / Image credit: make hay, sun!

“We work in close collaboration with our suppliers, in particular for the fresh fruits concerned. This helps us better understand the storage levels as we receive daily replenishment of the fruits that are needed, especially the most perishable or sensitive, ”Jarrod explained.

He added that this close working relationship also helps them cover any shortage of fruit for short notice orders.

Become more than just a fruit gift basket

Shortly after the launch of their gift boxes, the Make hay, sunshine! Team also decided to include chocolate and body care products in their gift boxes. This addition to their fruit basket actually helped increase their sales.

“We strongly believe that there is something for everyone and that there is also no one item for everyone,” Jarrod said.

On their website, you can find different fruit basket themes like health and wellness, personal care and grooming, etc.

If you select a health and wellness gift basket for example, the fruit box can hold organic kombucha, tea, chia seeds and more, depending on the type you want.

Their fruit baskets are also available in 3 different types of packaging, in paper box, cardboard box or wooden box / crate.

The different types of packaging they offer / Image credit: make hay, sun!

Having a variety of packaging and products in their boxes also helps them attract customers of varying income levels.

From now on, you can get their fruit baskets for as low as RM58 and as high as RM488. But they don’t stop there, as Jarrod has announced the launch of a “super premium” gift basket soon at the price of 4 figures.

In a previous listicle we wrote, we compared the prices of 7 other fruit basket services online, make hay, sun! included, which make same day delivery in the Klang Valley.

Our colleague concluded that making hay, sun! would be its reference online because of its price and its customization. On our list, this is one of the two that allows customers to personalize their gift box.

The difference is that for making hay, sun !, you can personalize any fruits and flowers you want in the box, while for Eska you can only personalize complementary messages, greeting cards and gift wrapping .

Some of their personalized gift boxes / Image credit: make hay, sun!

Work with some big names

In addition to the individual gift baskets, make hay from the sun! Also responds to corporate and wholesale orders such as staff appreciation gifts, event door gifts, and wedding gifts.

“Some notable names we’ve worked with include Swarovski and Paul Smith for their media donations and product launches, respectively,” Jarrod told Vulcan Post.

Corporate gift boxes they have prepared / Image credit: Make hay, sun!

He also shared that this would be a business their business will explore further, as it fits their goals of making hay, sun! for the coming years.

Speaking of goals, I also asked when they’d know if they’ve ever ‘succeeded’ at what they do, but Jarrod replied, ‘As a team I don’t think’ successful ‘does. part of our vocabulary. It is in our character to continually seek the next best thing and not rest on our laurels.

“That being said, however, maybe when I can answer questions like these without too much delay, as in this case, we’ll know we’ve been successful.”

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Featured Image Credit: Jarrod Joshua, Founder of Make hay, sunshine!

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