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Since this is not one of the Malaysian beauty brands run by celebrities in the entertainment industry, you might find Lip & Co. to be an unknown name.

When Kelvin Tan created it in 2017, he already had experience running UB Cosmetics, a beauty brand that provided beauty subscription boxes in Europe, UK, US and in Australia.

Likewise, Lip & Co. has set its sights on the foreign market, but has not neglected to create a local presence.

It may not be as popular as other celebrity-launched brands, but it has proven to be a worthy rival in the global arena of the beauty industry.

It received global brand recognition

5 years ago, UB Cosmetics started building a pretty solid fan base through Bellabox, a beauty box subscription service in Australia. For example, her UB Tint Stick received Australia’s Most Popular Product award from the Bellabox beauty community.

It’s an achievement Kelvin is still proud of to this day, as the selection process he followed included a stack of featured and highly rated products from 20 other brands.

An example of what users get in a monthly Bellabox subscription / Image credit: Australia Post

They were up against NYX, Bioderma, and Nip + Fab, for example, and Kelvin told Vulcan Post that their shortlist was a surprise since they weren’t yet well known at the time.

After winning, they then sent 70,000 tint sticks to Bellabox subscribers in Australia, and the brand was then selected to be featured in a cross box in China by Bellabox and TMall.

In 2017, UB Cosmetics was invited to the Gifting Suite & Luncheon of the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. This is where the selected companies can offer their products to celebrities and can provide high visibility and recognition to young entrepreneurs.

A year later, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the Kelvin brand an award at the Top100 International Business Style Awards, one of the most prestigious award events in the national and international business community.

Exceed its sales projection by 400% in 2 years

From there, there was no slowdown for this humble Malaysian brand. In addition to working with renowned beauty tech players overseas, he has also worked as part of a team for several notable celebrity brands through an American incubation company.

“I also received contracts from Birchbox, the largest subscription box in the US, as well as from Ipsy when it was owned by Michelle Phan,” Kelvin said.

So where has all this recognition taken its brand? He reminded Vulcan Post that within 2 years they had exceeded their sales projection by 400% and had launched in more than 10 countries covering Europe, UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Image Credit: Lip & Co. Facebook

Kelvin has always built its beauty brands to be vegetarian and cruelty-free, and has strived to offer formulations comparable to those of commercial brands.

Besides the recognition received, he attributes the success of their sales to this introduction of their innovative product. “It was also the speed and the commitment that we were able to deliver that sealed the deal,” he added.

Building a new brand fit for the queen

Her clientele includes members of the Malaysian royal family and celebrities who shop online, just like you and me. He named some of their most notable clients, saying an order had been placed under SAR Raja Permaisuri Agong and Datin Paduka Marina had made several purchases as well.

“Honestly, I would love to present to Her Majesty, Our Queen, my latest creation which took over 7 years of blood, sweat and a lot of tears to come true. It’s called The Caim, ”he added.

“The product was originally scheduled to launch in early 2020 when I got a product placement opportunity in Vogue US, but due to unforeseen circumstances this did not happen.”

Proudly, he announced that the skincare brand is slated to launch on January 10, 2021 nonetheless, carrying the same philosophies he practices with UB Cosmetics and Lip & Co.

“While knowing that it is still an uncertain year due to the global pandemic, I still have faith and hope that I can thrive in this situation,” Kelvin said.

“We will adapt to the conditions to the best of my ability and I hope to launch my new brand overseas this year and collaborate with several new local talent.

He wants The Caim to follow in the footsteps of its other brands by also being present in Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia.

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Featured Image Credit: Kelvin Tan, Founder of UB Cosmetics, Lip & Co. and The Caim

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