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List of Top Summer accessories

For some, summers are very pleasant and blissful. But most of us are aware of the perks of scorching heat during summer. We have to be ready with our summer gears and accessories to face the rising temperature. It is very necessary maintaining the proper food habits and drinking plenty of water. Also there a set of don’ts that one must follow to stay fit and fine during summers. This article is a guide to all the essential accessories one must have to beat the heat. Below are some list of must have accessories during summers.

Summer accessoriesA pair of good sunglasses:

Owning a pair of good sunglasses is a must during summer. Suppose one goes out in the bright sun without sunglasses. Then the eyes are the ones that get affected most. Our eyes are repelled by the scorching sun and the heat waves outside during summers. So to protect them, a pair of good sunglasses, preferably in dark shades are very important. The glass or lens used in the sunglasses must be of good quality otherwise they might affect our vision. So it is wiser to make a one – time investment in a branded pair of sunglasses.

Using sunscreen to get rid of sun tan:

Skin tanning during summers is very natural. But in this polluted environment we live in, the sun rays does much harm to our skin tissues. Apart from the dark complexion they result, they also damage the upper layer of skin cells. And the tan from the sun do not leaves easily. So it is advisory to invest in a good quality sunscreen cream or powder which suits your skin. The sunscreen must be properly applied to the face and other exposed body parts.

Never forget a dark shaded umbrella:

Umbrellas are the best friends one can have during the excessive heat during summers. They provide you shadow and shelter on the go. But one must invest in umbrellas which are dark shaded like black or deep blue. Because they do not allow the sun rays to pierce through them. Some fancy designer umbrellas are good for show but are not designed to give comfort in the sun. Also in summers, there are occasions of rainfall where umbrellas prove handy.

Gear yourself with a cap or hat:

Sun protecting caps and hats are very handy for daily use and can be used by anyone. Even kids can use it without the help of parents. They keep the head cool and protected from the direct sunlight. They are not costly at all and are easily available in even the local markets. So it is advisable to buy those hats which will guard off the sun rays and do not go for the fancy ones.

Light shaded clothing and summer accessories:

We must be careful while picking up the clothing we choose in summers. Black clothes or clothes of dark shades are not comfortable. They absorb a lot of heat and temperature. So it is wiser to pick up light shaded clothes which are comfortable fitted. Even leather accessories, jeweller, excessive make up, etc are very painful in summer. So when not at work, always wear shorts, slippers and do light dress up.

Deodorant or talcum powder to fight body odor:

In this summer season, we all get sweaty and dirty after few hours to work. Especially the armpits gets very sweaty and resulting bad body odor. So to fight it and to stay fresh, clean and hygienic, one must take some cosmetic help. They may use talcum powder or body deodorants fight the sweaty odor from their body. But the deodorants or talcum powders must be of renowned brand or must suit the skin.

Oral Rehydration Solution:

Oral Rehydration solution or commonly known as ORS is a cheap and effective medicine for summers. It is a mixture of salt, sugar and water along with some other important minerals. Taking ORS regularly in summers will prevent one from dehydration. It is available in medicine and general shops easily in powdered form. It can also be prepared at home. Many government hospitals give away ORS to the patients for free.

Carry own water in a water bottle:

One must make the habit of carrying water to work or school / college. In summers an adult must drink 3 – 4 liters of water a day. But the water which we drink must be hygienic and free from germs. So it is wise to invest in a good water bottle to carry your own water. This prevents one to have water from outside. Drinking unhygienic water is the lone cause of so many diseases during summers.

Handkerchief to wipe off the sweat:

A pair of cotton fabric handkerchief is a must for everyone who goes out to work in summers. Handkerchiefs can be used to wipe off the sweat from our face. Many also use them as a face mask to fight the sun tan. The motorists use them a s a head gear before wearing their helmets.

List of food habits one must have in summers:

Sl. No.List of food items to be consumedOther details
1Watermelon, grapes, mangoes, coconut water, litchi, etcFresh juicy fruits available in summers
2Green vegetablesGreen seasonal vegetables fresh from market which are not adulterated.
3Curd or lassiHelps in cooling down the stomach.


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