List Of Financial Assistance For MCO 3.0

List of financial aid to Malaysians affected by MCO 3.0

As the country begins a new round of movement control orders (MCOs) for the third time, the government has announced new aid programs for those affected by the lockdown.

The AGC nationwide begins on June 1, 2021 and the first phase will last 14 days.

Among the Pemerkasa More than 40 billion RM assistance program for affected people and SMEs are:

  • Automatic three-month extension of the loan moratorium or reduction of monthly repayments by 50% for up to six months for affected workers, micro and small businesses
  • Additional RM 2.1 billion for Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) financial assistance
    RM500 for household income below RM2,500 pm
    300 RM for household income between RM2.501 and RM5,000 pm
    RM100 for singles earning less than RM2,500 pm
  • 12 month loan moratorium for eligible bus and taxi operators and loan period extension up to 36 months
  • One-month wage subsidies totaling RM 1.5 billion to be paid by the Social Security Organization
  • 30% reduction on the rental of premises for the entrepreneurs concerned within the framework of the Mara Prihatin program
  • One-off assistance for taxi, rental car, school bus, tourist bus and electronic phone drivers amounting to RM68 million
  • Additional 10% reduction on electricity for three months from July to September for six affected sectors
  • Homeownership Campaign Stamp Duty Exemption Extended to End of 2021
  • Sales tax exemption for CKD passenger vehicles and imports of CBU under Penjana initiative extended until end of 2021
  • Exemption from direct debit payments for one month in June 2021
  • Additional Prihatin grant of RM 1000 to RM 1500 (RM 1000 in June and RM 500 in July)
  • 1.5 billion RM for credit microfinance with rates from 3%

For the full list of Pemerkasa Plus initiatives, visit www.pmo,

In May, the government also launched the Jaringan Prihatin program to help low-income households and individuals access telecommunications services or cell phones. The E-Belia program was also launched to help young people and students of higher education institutions to obtain credit of RM 150 from electronic payment service providers.

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