Kurechii’s Adventure Game Opens Google Play Early Access

Postknight 2 is now open for early access on Google Play, starting March 23. For context, Postknight is a fantastic mobile RPG game from Kurechii, a Malaysian studio.

Its first release was the only Malaysian game to make the Google Play list of the best games of 2017. Postknight also won the Grand Prix International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) SEA and was listed in the Android Excellence list for fall 2017.

Early Access to its sequel will include most of the game’s core mechanics and content, and new features will be added over time. Kurechii said they would rely on early game users for their feedback.

Life as a postknight

Your job as Postknight is to deliver packages of all kinds, from letters to smelly socks. You might think of your character as a horseman of Lalamove, but instead of police roadblocks, you are attacked by adorable charging wolves.

To fight your enemies, you have 3 skills: attack, defend and recover. They can be used multiple times during your 10-20 second missions, but all require a cooldown, which is where the strategy comes into play.

The more you progress, the harder the enemies are to defeat / Image credit: Postknight 2

In Early Access for Postknight 2, you’ll play the game as usual, starting with an inexperienced Postknight intern. Through deliveries across the country, you will meet other characters from different backgrounds.

You can develop lasting relationships with certain characters that, just like in real life, require effort. To do this, you can exchange gifts or just spend a daily visit. For more details on Postknight’s core gameplay, you can read our previous review here.

A whole new world

Image Credit: Postknight 2

Postknight 2 is a complete standalone sequel to Postknight, not an expansion or DLC (additional downloadable content) for the original. So even if you’ve never tried the first version, you won’t go wanting; if so, it just means that you have a lot more to explore now.

His team said, “Postknight 2 takes place 7 years after the events of the original Postknight. Many places have changed, new items have appeared, and the Postknight Organization is bigger than it ever was. Expect to see older, more accomplished characters return, and expect to meet entirely new characters! “

In Postknight 2, you will be immersed in a new world, Prism. It’s full of many different races and creatures, each with their own story to tell.

New features will also allow players to customize a character’s appearance, choose new weapons, and create new foods, the latter of which can give you passive bonuses in battle and can be redeemed as gifts. For example, in Potion Crafting you can create a mixture that will help you in your recovery during your missions, specific to your playstyle.

Over time, more features will be added to Postknight 2, including pets, achievements, and social interactions, among others. Kurechii told Vulcan Post that they are still in discussions about how these features work.

For a better world (in the game)

You’ll meet some interesting characters along the way / Image credit: Postknight

The developers of Kurechii want to create a better, more personalized game that players can immerse themselves in. That’s why they publicly listen to the commentary, which you can provide by clicking the on-screen question mark icon that remains throughout the game.

Existing bugs that you can find in Early Access include loading screens getting stuck when entering / exiting battles, UI sizing issues, Arsenal appearing incorrectly when switching Equipment and occasional crashes throughout the game. At least these are known issues that Kurechii found and transparently listed so that you can be aware of them as you test the game.

Aside from the bugs, it is highly recommended that you play Postknight 2 on a device with at least 2 GB of RAM for the best experience. If you want to try Postknight 2, its Early Access is now available on Google Play for Android.

The App Store for iOS does not yet have early access, but interested players can contact Kurechii to participate in the Postknight 2 private beta test.

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