Know the Latest Health Oriented News

Know the Latest Health Oriented News

Latest Health Oriented News: Health is the main thing which holds life success and failures. So you have to withstand it with good caring. Now you want to read the information, and latest news about health follow the below words. Google announced that donation of the ten million at the launch of the campaign fight for Ebola and they said that would match the donations to fund with two to the one.  With this addition, the Google higher or chief executive, the co-founder of Larry Page have said that his families are the foundation for contributing with fifteen million to cause.

Latest Health Oriented News1

Our hearts are going out for everyone who lives are touched in this tragedy. So Google started to collecting contributions in the website to fight for Ebola. Where the single message indicated, two to one dollar is matched that would continue until seven million dollars. And more of the donations were be now started and collected.

California Internet-based titan targets These Groups for receiving the support that is included with InSTEDD, the Medecins Sans of Frontieres, then NetHope, and also to Save Children’s.

This move comes less with this month after the Facebook founders are Mark the Zuckerberg, his wife was announced that donating twenty-five million dollars will help to the US for putting the efforts against containing deadly virus Ebola epidemic. So leave a fund to the US and save the people by sending messages.

Ebola epidemic virus

This Ebola epidemic virus is critical as a turning point. Ebola is the deadly disease. It was spreading at very quickly, so most experts and health care centers are a favor to its projections. Also, suggest that it will infect more than two million people in two months. So address to your neighbors and protect it and also donate funds by passing the message and save those people.

Latest Health Oriented News
As the human being, we have to be needed for getting Ebola control in near term because that helps to avoid the spreading of Ebola disease. If you do so, it will not spread to further, and then it becomes the long-term spreading in this global health which is a crisis as the ending up stage live HIV or like polio so be aware with it and cure the disease.

Disease Control

Then He insists that his wife Ms. Priscilla donating funds to US Centers to the purpose of Disease Control so as the people you to follow the group and start collecting the capital as for being a Foundation for the US to avoid spreading of disease.  Then Grants like directly help frontline responders at their new heroic work which is said by Zuckerberg. These US people are ground setting for care centers, then training with local staff. And also willing for the identifying of Ebola cases as much per day.

Ebola virus

Usually, Ebola virus already killed five thousand and more people; it is most in West part of African countries which is Guinea, in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Then Underfunded with the health systems these region people have crippled by disease of Ebola. Which spiraled out to control and it also infected thirteen thousand people and more. For this issues, Bill and the Melinda Gates organization with their Foundation on September pledged for fifty million funds they will collect and give to cure the disease or to help the people to boost their fight against Ebola outbreak. They are sending the funds by UN agencies which are international organizations that involved for the explosion, so as the well-wisher save those people by giving money for them to protecting their life because we are heart to help others to do it right from now.

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  1. Good to these companies such as Google and Facebook putting up efforts to contain the deadly Ebola virus.

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