Jobs Support Scheme Worth S$700M

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced today (February 16) that the Singapore government has set aside S $ 11 billion under the new Covid-19 resilience program.

It targets three areas: safeguarding public health and reopening in complete safety, support for workers and businesses, and targeting support to sectors still in difficulty.

Of this total, S $ 4.8 billion will be spent on public health and safe reopening.

S $ 700 million will be spent on the Employment Support Program (JSS).

Support workers and businesses

2021 budget
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So far, the government has committed over S $ 25 billion with the JSS.

The JSS that was announced last year aims to help protect jobs and help companies retain local workers.

However, while some sectors are recovering, others remain stressed. Thus, in the 2021 budget, the JSS will be extended to sectors that continue to be hit hard, at a cost of $ 700 million.

For companies in Tier 1 sectors such as aviation, aerospace and tourism, the JSS will be extended for six months.

Companies will receive aid of 30% for wages paid from April to June 2021 and 10% for wages paid from July to September 2021.

Level 2 sectors include retail trade, arts and culture, food services, and the built environment. For this level, the JSS will be extended for three months and companies will receive 10% wage support from April to June 2021.

Tier 3B companies saw their JSS support cut short after December 2020 as they are recovering well.

These businesses include supermarkets and internet companies.

Level 3A covers employers from all other sectors. As these sectors generally recover, the JSS will cease in March 2021.

In addition, specific programs under the SGUnited jobs and skills package, including the incentive for job growth and specific opportunities for internships, attachment and training, will also be extended.

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