J&J Seeks Emergency Approval of COVID Vaccine

February 5, 2021 – The world’s first single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, from Johnson & Johnson, has been submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval.

Preliminary results from a large international study suggest the vaccine is not as potent as the two currently FDA-approved vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna, which are two-dose vaccines, the Associated Press reported.

However, the J&J vaccine is easier to use and could ease COVID-19 vaccine shortages.

An FDA advisory committee will review data on the new vaccine on February 26. The FDA will then decide to approve it.

FDA Chief Vaccine Officer Dr Peter Marks cautioned against vaccine comparisons before all the evidence is gathered.

“With so much need to bring this pandemic under control, I think there is no tool in the toolbox that we can ignore,” he told the American Medical Association last week, the AP reported. “We’ll have to do our best to try to make sure we find the populations that benefit the most from each of these vaccines and deploy them in a very thoughtful way.”

The J&J vaccine was 66% effective in preventing moderate to severe COVID-19, and 85% protective against the most serious symptoms, according to the first results of the clinical trial which included 44,000 people in the United States, America Latin and South Africa. AP reported.

And from 28 days after receiving the vaccine, no one who received it had to be hospitalized or died.

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