Jeanette Aw Joins Golden Moments As Brand Ambassador

Local durian cake brand Golden Moments has announced that local actress, filmmaker and pastry chef Jeanette Aw will join her team as Brand Ambassador and Creative Director.

According to a press release from Golden Moments, the team met with Jeanette last year to share the values ​​and visions of the brand.

Since the brand values ​​of “Treasure Golden Moments and Cherish Relationships” resonated well with Jeanette, the meeting culminated with the partnership of brand ambassadors.

Jeanette also took on the role of Creative Director in the film advertising for Golden Moments, where she wrote, directed and starred in the brand’s very first short.

Jeanette Aw / Image credit: Golden Moments

Plus, Jeanette will debut as the face of Golden Moments this Mother’s Day. The popular local craft brand of durian will launch an intense Mao Shan Wang flavored Super Mama Rosette cake from April 2021.

The luxurious 6 inch rosette cake is soft and creamy, delicately topped with charcoal buttercream, Earl Gray floral sponge, and pure Mao Shan Wang durian mash.

Image Credit: Golden Moments

Last year, Golden Moments partnered with local goldsmith jewelry brand SK Jewelery to launch a limited edition Mao Shan Wang 24k Truffle Snow Skin Moon Cake which costs $ 888.

Some of their other durian offerings include Mao Shan Wang durian puffs, Mao Shan Wang shelled durians, Mao Shan Wang ice cream, and Mao Shan Wang macaroons.

“We are constantly at the forefront of product innovation and aim to set the benchmark for creative, high-quality durian treats,” said Josiah Jeremy, co-founder of Golden Moments in a separate interview.

Featured Image Credit: JCode / Golden Moments

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