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While we have featured many Malaysian educational platforms that emerged before and during the pandemic, most of them are aimed at students or the masses looking to hone their skills.

But to have meaningful and productive lessons, teachers also need to know how to manage their students and classrooms through a screen. Yet so far there has been a gap in the market for an educator training platform.

This is according to Zulfikar Alimuddin, Williams Rahaditama and Hengki Dwiyan Hermawan, the founding team of an Indonesian educational site, (GuruInovatif).

“Usually, educational platforms target students or schools, even though there are over 4.3 million teachers in Indonesia who need to develop their teaching skills,” they told Vulcan Post.

Seeking to expand her operations around SEA, she joined the Global Accelerator Program (GAP) organized by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC).

Teach teachers

Launched in September 2020, there are at least 3 issues in the development of teaching and learning that GuruInovative wants to address. They include access to training and certification, digital literacy, as well as guidance and continuing professional development.

To address these issues, the platform offers teachers development programs delivered by experienced trainers. Going through the courses on offer, it appears that most of the courses are geared towards Indonesian school curricula, but there also seem to be some general courses that can be suitable for any teacher, regardless of location.

Additionally, there are courses to guide teachers on how to navigate digital tools for online courses, including posting articles on WordPress and learning the basics of using Google Docs.

According to the team, such courses are offered because there are general concepts and frameworks that every teacher should adopt in order to teach effectively. In addition, they aim to ensure that GuruInovatif is aimed at all teachers, regardless of the subjects or grades.

Some certifying courses on the site

GuruInovatif offers both live webinars and on-demand videos for their courses, much like the Malaysian edutech platform ReSkills. The Indonesian startup shares ReSkills’ opinion that live webinars are beneficial because they facilitate interaction and discussions between attendees and trainers.

“In the meantime, on-demand videos are being created so teachers can flexibly access the training anywhere and anytime,” the team added.

To ensure the success of the courses, GuruInovatif carries out pre-tests before each course to measure the initial knowledge of a teacher in a subject. After the course, another test is organized to assess the knowledge acquired through the training.

Upon completion of the courses, participants will receive certificates to demonstrate their skills in the field.

Reach the target market

With GuruInovatif aiming to train different levels of teachers, his team ensures that no teacher is lost during their training journey.

For example, teachers who engage on an individual basis will be guided through the platform’s self-service model, where demonstrations on how to use the site will be provided.

The GuruInovatif team has also been successful in integrating teachers by collaborating with related associations of teachers and school leaders, as well as government programs in Indonesia.

Courses to help teachers to appropriate digital tools

Operating on a subscription and pay-per-class model, GuruInovatif said it now has more than 100,000 subscribers, made up of teachers and educators. On average, the platform sees around 1,000 to 10,000 new monthly subscribers.

Based on the team sharing, it seems that they have little problem integrating teachers who want to improve themselves, which shows the demand for their programs. However, the team is seeking funding from investors and venture capitalists to expand and deliver their programs to more teachers in Indonesia and hopefully the rest of SEA as well.

Global market access

Our plan for next year is to make GuruInovative not only for teachers but for the educational ecosystem (teachers, schools, local governments, students, parents, etc.). We therefore hope that GuruInovatif can become a Super App for education.

Zulfikar Alimuddin, Williams Rahaditama and Hengki Dwiyan Hermawan, the founding team of GuruInovatif

To pursue this goal, GuruInovatif joined the MaGIC GAP, which gives startups the opportunity to potentially develop their platform in the APAC region.

GuruInovatif said they were looking for advice from experts and mentors to prepare their startup for the global market. The team also hopes to network and collaborate with other startups in the region by forging regional partnerships and creating a potential investment ecosystem.

Additionally, to get the funding they need to grow their platform, joining GAP will give them access to the potential capital of the MaGIC ecosystem through GAP investment partners.

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Based on GuruInovatif’s current site, it is likely that there is still a long way to go before it is ready to capture a larger market outside of Indonesia. For example, the main language of the platform is Bahasa Indonesian, other languages ​​are not yet available.

In addition, localization is of the utmost importance if GuruInovative is to operate effectively in the global market, as courses in each country’s programs must be relevant to their program and taught by experts in their respective fields.

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