iflix Hasn’t Paid The License Fee For Malaysian Movie Daulat

The film producers behind the political thriller Daulat claimed that iflix did not pay the first installment of the license fees to broadcast it.

Manager Imran Sheik (of the Jibril SS15 speakeasy and Publika MONA restaurant) told Vulcan Post that the company has yet to pay and respond to their requests until today.

Unfortunately, the amount owed could not be disclosed to us.

Now, they have sent a letter of request to the streaming platform in hopes that a change will occur.

In a Facebook post, the Daulat team said they were relying on licensing fees to keep Jibril and MONA running because they suffered an 80% loss in sales during the AGC.

While still being able to operate, the license fee would significantly ease the financial burden they currently face.

They emptied their pockets to produce it

Daulat is the first film produced by Lacuna Pictures, and it took RM500,000 of their own money and 14 days to shoot.

It was then released for free on iflix in April 2020 to be available until 2023, but it was not designed exclusively for iflix.

Imran said: “Initially we were looking for a theatrical release, but we are struggling to get approval from the Film Censorship Board (LPF) because they asked us to change a lot of things, which we didn’t. money to be made. We also believe that this will jeopardize history. “

Behind the scenes on the set of Daulat / Image credit: Lacuna Pictures

They had contacted 2-3 other platforms to host Daulat, but ended up going with iflix because it got the deal done the fastest, which was ideal for producers at the start of the AGC.

Besides the license fees, Lacuna Pictures and iflix also have a profit sharing agreement which is yet to be paid.

Imran said he did not know why iflix had not even paid the first installment of the license fee and admitted that he had been initially concerned by the news of iflix making huge losses ($ 158 million) Americans in 2018).

“But since they were bought by Tencent, we still hope they will pay,” he added.

Turn to fans for financial help

We then wanted to know what the next step would be for Lacuna Pictures if iflix still didn’t pay, but Imran politely declined to share more.

The Lacuna Pictures team / Image credit: Lacuna Pictures

As to whether Daulat will eventually be shown on other platforms, he said they had not obtained advice from their lawyers on this, as the agreement says they cannot upgrade to other channels before October.

To help with their financial burdens, Lacuna Pictures opened an account on buymeacoffee.com, a donation platform where a “coffee” costs US $ 3 (RM 12.80).

As of this writing, they have 16 supporters who have donated a cumulative sum of over RM600, with messages of love for Daulat and the team behind.

Everyone will be keeping a close eye on this situation, as iflix has always been in the news now, and not always in a positive light.

Aside from all the news of its losses, iflix was also facing a debt crisis that would have had to buy back just over US $ 47.5 million in convertible loans if it weren’t listed before July 31, 2020 .

The takeover by Tencent appears to have passed the deadline, but the Chinese giant had said it would not go into debt.

The question is whether iflix’s financial difficulties over the past few years have now resulted in the company’s inability to pay a single installment of the royalty.

And if news of a broken deal has just been made public, is there really more we don’t know?

  • You can read more about what we wrote about iflix here.

Featured Image Credit: Lacuna Pictures

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