Yoga Superfuel sold 1,000 healthy cookies

How Yoga Superfuel sold 1,000 healthy cookies a month in its first year

Yoga Superfuel sold 1,000 healthy cookies

Yoga Superfuel sold 1,000 healthy cookies – Often times, people who make a habit of snacking feel guilty after eating and promise to reduce or eliminate the consumption of junk food.

Shagun Malik, 40, knows this situation all too well. When she was 20, she had constant cravings for sugar, which deemed her physically unfit.

When she reached her late twenties and gave birth to her son, Shagun realized how early sugar habits developed.

Food and snacks as we know them are loaded with sugar and unhealthy ingredients, and they predispose us to a higher risk of developing chronic diseases.

“I felt frustrated and really wanted my family and I to have a balanced relationship with food, including sugar,” Shagun said.

Since then, Shagun has decided to challenge himself by focusing on eating a healthy balanced diet so that he can maintain it throughout his life.

This quest for healthy eating led her to create her own superfood cookie start-up called Yoga Superfuel. For her, eating healthy snacks doesn’t necessarily mean you compromise on taste.

Yoga Superfuel sold 1,000 healthy cookies
Yoga Superfuel sold 1,000 healthy cookies

Giving up your corporate job for superfood cookies

Wanting to pursue his own startup journey, Shagun took a leap of faith and quit his 15-year corporate job at Ernst & Young and The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC).

The mother-of-one felt that “settling into a comfort zone is a very scary thought” so she wanted to explore a whole new dimension and push herself to continually learn and grow.

Yoga Superfuel was founded with the sole purpose of empowering people on their journey to health and wellness.

It was launched in December 2018 with its very first product, Superfood Cookies. Later in 2020, Shagun started working on healthy cookies for kids, inspired by her own struggles as a parent to get her kids to eat healthy snacks.

This led to the launch of Yoga Superfuel Kids earlier this year, which aims to restore children’s nutritional balance with delicious cookies.

super fuel yoga cookies
Image Credit: Yoga Superfuel

When creating the cookies, the team focused on three specific nutritional needs of children: protein, prebiotics and immunity.

The team went through a year of research and development (R&D) and organized hundreds of tasting sessions with children to ensure the cookies were perfect.

Finding a balance between health and good taste was the hardest part. She needed to create a snack that her picky son would love, and at the same time, something that “health-obsessed” parents like her would approve of.

super fuel yoga cookies
Image Credit: Yoga Superfuel

Filled with superfoods, these Singapore-produced cookies are high in nutrients, low in sugar, and free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy, butter, and preservatives.

In contrast, most cookies on the market are packed with refined flour, refined sugar, and hydrogenated oil (or butter). Yoga Superfuel guarantees that these ingredients are not included in their superfood cookies.

The team also makes sure that the sugar level in their cookies is about 30 percent lower than in other cookies. Their cookies are sweetened with a combination of dried fruit and natural low glycemic index (GI) sweeteners such as coconut sugar and jaggery without any added chemicals or preservatives.

Their cookies now have five superfood flavors – cocoa, coconut, chai turmeric, fig amaranth, ginger granola, and buckwheat almonds.

Their corporate clients include Google and LinkedIn

super fuel yoga cookies
Image Credit: @ emily.eatingthyme

Thanks to the surge in corporate orders, Yoga Superfuel has managed to quickly become profitable. It sold an average of 1,000 units per month in the first year of operation.

“One of the first successes we had was being part of the corporate offices of Google and LinkedIn in the first year itself,” Shagun shared.

Many other companies have also started to contact Yoga Superfuel and invite the team to participate in various health discussions, covering topics such as sugar cravings and intermittent fasting, which is a huge validation for the mission of the brand.

However, when Covid-19 hit Singapore in 2020, the brand had to pivot and step up its online presence as corporate orders halted.

They have since expanded their online presence to include online marketplaces such as RedMart, Amazon, and Shopee.

In the future, Yoga Superfuel intends to work on launching a line of savory products and expand to other international markets such as Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the United States. .

You can buy Yoga Superfuel on VP Label here and get S $ 20 off your order when you checkout with Pace with the code ‘PACEVP20’.

Featured Image Credit: Yoga Superfood

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