How To Invest In ASB Online With M2U Or MAE

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Raya might look a little calmer this year. No big Raya parties to attend, huge open houses to organize, and maybe no road trips to your hometown either.

While this festive season may involve less travel and no big celebrations with friends and family, there is an advantage. Fewer gatherings (and fewer Raya says giving) means saving more money and having more time to think about your finances. And during these economically difficult times, it’s worth taking the time to build your financial resilience.

So what can you do with the money you’ve saved this season? In addition to increasing your emergency fund and donating what you can to charity, you can also prepare for your financial future. The easiest way to do this is to invest.

A popular investment vehicle for many Malaysians is the Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB). Here’s what you need to know about ASB and how you can invest in it online.

What is ASB and why should you invest in it?

ASB is a unitary trust fund open to all citizens of Bumiputera in Malaysia. Launched in 1990, it is managed by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB), a subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), an investment institution linked to the government.

Here are a few reasons to consider it in your wallet.

a) Minimum risk investment

If you want to grow your funds without taking too much risk, ASB might be a good choice. This is because ASB has a fixed price of RM1 per unit. This makes it less volatile than other types of investments, such as unfixed price unit trust funds or stocks that can rise and fall in price.

b) Decent returns

ASB has a good track record of decent returns – it has produced an average return of 6.6% per annum over the past five years. Placing your funds in ASB can potentially make it grow faster than if you left it in a fixed deposit, which currently can only give you a return of 2% per year.

Here’s how ASB has performed over the past five years:

YearDistribution (sen)Bonus (sen)Total (sen)

Source: ASB FYE 2020 Annual Report, page 6; past performance is no guarantee of future performance

Having a steady stream of dividends each year is helpful in reaching your financial goals. For example, it could help you grow your savings for your first home down payment or provide you with regular income during your retirement years.

c) Convenient withdrawal

Unlike your savings from the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) or the Private Pension Scheme (PRS), you do not need to fulfill any conditions if you want to withdraw your ASB funds. You can withdraw your funds from an ASNB ATM or Maybank branch.

What are the benefits of investing online through Maybank (even if you don’t have an account)?

To invest in ASB, you can leave your home, physically visit a counter, and stand in line for your turn. And don’t forget to bring cash, a bank draft or a bank draft.

But why go through this hassle?

If you already have an ASB account, investing additional funds is easy – you won’t even have to leave your home. Maybank clients can invest online through the Maybank2u (M2U) website, M2U app, or MAE app. Non-Maybank customers can also invest online through the MAE app, which means being able to invest anytime, anywhere, while respecting social distancing measures.

Also, you can easily view your ASB account balances online without using an ATM. This allows you to see if you’re on track with your investment goals or see how ASB’s annual dividends are growing your funds.

Get a chance to win up to RM1.5 million in prizes

Here’s another perk of investing online: From now until July 14, 2021, when you invest in ASB through Maybank, you will have a chance to win up to RM1,500,000 in prizes, including:

  • Up to RM 1 million in ASNB cash prizes
  • One iPad, one JD Sports voucher, and one Zalora voucher each month, exclusively for Maybank customers

All you need to do is invest a minimum of RM10 through M2U website, M2U app or MAE app. Your investment must be financed from a savings, current or MAE account. The more you invest, the more entries you earn to increase your chances of winning.

How to invest in ASB online through Maybank

So how do you start investing online? It’s easy! Just follow these steps.

Create an ASB account

If you do not yet have an ASB account, you will need to register by visiting an ASNB branch or an ASNB agent like Maybank. All you need to do is bring your ID card, the initial amount of money you want to invest (minimum RM10) and fill out a form.

Invest through Maybank2u or MAE

If you already have an ASB account, you can make additional investments online with Maybank. You can do this through M2U Web, M2U App, or MAE App.

Via the M2U application● Connect to either M2U Web or M2U App
● Click on “Transfer” in the bottom panel
● Select “ASNB”
● Perform a minimum transfer from RM10 to ASB
Via the MAE application● Connect to the MAE application
● Click on “Transfer” on your dashboard
● Select “ASNB”
● Perform a minimum transfer from RM10 to ASB

Invest as a non-Maybank user

No Maybank account? No problem! Simply download the MAE app and register for free. Then start investing in your ASB account by following the steps above. Besides the convenience of investing in ASB, the MAE app also offers a lot of features, such as expense tracking, automatic savings, and occasional offers and promotions.

As you can see, investing in ASB online is easy. If you wanted to grow your funds without taking too much risk, this might be an investment worth considering.

Growing your ASB funds has never been so easy and rewarding. Learn more about Maybank2u today.

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