How To Buy Insurance For Infectious Diseases On Shopee

Any mention of infectious diseases these days will lead to Covid-19.

It is true that this pandemic has invaded our lives for almost a year now, as we all learn to stay safe and healthy in the new normal.

At the same time, other infectious diseases persist in our communities and epidemics can be fatal. We must also protect ourselves against them.

Common infectious diseases in Malaysia

Diseases like measles, dengue, typhoid or malaria are quite common among everyone who lives in Malaysia.

As of 2019, 15 people had died in a measles outbreak in Kelantan. Although this disease is extremely common and most children are immunized, there is now an increase of almost 1,000% in the number of measles cases compared to five years ago. In the same year, a typhoid fever epidemic also occurred in Sabah and this infectious disease is still present in our community.

Meanwhile, dengue cases reached a four-year high of 130,000 in 2019, while Selangor alone recorded more than 41,000 cases in 2020.

Even malaria continues to rear its ugly head. While human transmission of malaria has declined, another type of malaria transmitted by mosquitoes from monkeys to humans (zoonotic malaria) has increased alarmingly, totaling 4,131 cases in 2019.

How do you protect yourself?

Supervisory infectious disease coverage 2While infectious diseases like measles already have a vaccine widely available, the number of cases in Malaysia has increased in recent years. This increases the risk of the infection spreading in the community and infecting more people. Treatment is the only option once a person is infected and even then it can only focus on managing the symptoms of the disease.

The second best option is prevention, but that’s easier said than done. Many infectious diseases are contracted from water, air, or a tiny mosquito bite. While many practices put in place since the Covid-19 pandemic, such as wearing a face mask or avoiding close physical contact, will help prevent the spread of certain diseases, it is more difficult to avoid mosquitoes or contaminated water.

For example, typhoid can be easily spread by contaminated water during a flood or by an infected person preparing food without observing good hygiene. Those who recover from typhoid can still carry the bacteria without showing symptoms and continue to infect other people under crowded living and feeding conditions when combined with poor sanitation.

While we can try to avoid exposure to infectious diseases, it will be even better if we are prepared for them.

Get the right insurance coverage to protect yourself

Being prepared means not only knowing when and where to get medical treatment, but having a plan for any unfortunate event that Prudential infectious disease 3can happen when you get sick.

If you do get measles, you will need to be in quarantine for up to 14 days. For children who catch measles, it may just mean skipping school for a few weeks, but what if you are the main breadwinner in your family? Even the fact that you are hospitalized and quarantined can cause additional financial stress for you and those who depend on you.

While your body is busy battling illness, what happens to your work, family, and other financial commitments? Being covered by insurance against these health risks is a financial planning decision to consider.

With ongoing travel restrictions and social distancing regulations, it’s not only convenient but smart to be able to access health information online and purchase insurance to protect yourself from the comfort of your home.

Buy your Prudential insurance online via Shopee

As most Malaysians continue to stay at home and shop online for essentials, purchasing an insurance policy online is just as convenient.

Prudential has partnered with Shopee to introduce an insurance plan that allows its users to purchase its infectious disease coverage plan using a special promo code.

This plan is only available on Shopee until February 18, 2021 in conjunction with their Shopee 2.2. CNY sale.

Prudential and Shopee are also currently running a campaign where the first 2,800 users who have successfully signed up for the infectious disease coverage plan will be eligible for an RM10 voucher.

All you need to do is purchase a RM12.50 e-voucher (which is the amount of the premium payment) from Shopee and use the Pulse by Prudential app to complete your registration, all on your mobile phone.

Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Buy your e-voucher on Shopee. Recover the code from the electronic voucher.

Prudential Shopee download 1

Step 2: Sign up for infectious disease coverage on the Prudential’s Pulse app

Prudential Shopee download 2

With a one-time premium payment of RM12.50 *, the Prudential Infectious Disease Cover ** plan offers:

  • RM1,000 after diagnosis of dengue, malaria, typhoid or measles
  • 10,000 RM in cash for death from same diagnosed disease**

* Premium payment via the pre-purchased Shopee promo code. Further payments will be available at a later stage. ** General conditions apply.

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