How the Coronavirus Dominated the Seattle Area

How the Coronavirus Dominated the Seattle Area

No part of the USA has been hit harder by the coronavirus than the Seattle area. The COVID-19 virus has spread to over a hundred people in the state of Washington as of March 8, 2020. Over seventy cases are in King County, the county in which Seattle is located. The virus has caused fifteen deaths in King County. There are also over 25 instances in Snohomish County to the north, with one person dying from COVID-19.

Coronavirus Dominated the Seattle Area

The Main Site

The place at which the coronavirus has persisted from the Seattle region is in a long-care elder care facility in Kirkland, a city northeast of Seattle across from Lake Washington. The virus spread to several of the residents in the house and various workers. The senior house in Kirkland is deemed to be where the majority of the COVID-19 instances arise.

The primary concern is that the elderly are more likely to be negatively affected by the coronavirus than others. The purpose is similar to what people might notice with the flu.

Spreading To Other Senior Homes

The COVID-19 virus has spread to many other mature Living houses in the Seattle area. 1 home in the Seattle city limits and another in the eastern suburb of Issaquah have experienced coronavirus cases.

The problem here is that the coronavirus has a longer Incubation period than a number of other viruses. The World Health Organization claims that someone could develop the symptoms of the virus about a week after infection. Therefore, it could potentially spread to several spots before it’s detected. How the symptoms of COVID-19 are like the flu simply makes the concern more difficult to detect.

Possible Travel To China?

There’s a theory that a person who had been in China Recently and had a coronavirus infection may have traveled to Seattle. The Sea-Tac Airport provides regular flights between Seattle and Beijing, Shanghai, and other notable Asian cities.

A Consideration For Victims

The people who were infected with the coronavirus Might not be at as much injury as people might expect, even though the older will be at higher risk. The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said that of the more than 40,000 cases of COVID-19 from the nation reviewed as of February 11, almost 80 percent of these cases were moderate. Only 5 percent of these cases were critical.

However, people who are at least 70 years old are more prone to develop the infection than others. The concern has made the spread of this coronavirus more noticeable in the Seattle region, especially with there being so many older adults that are contracting the virus.

General Spread

As of March 8, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 164 cases of COVID-19. California And New York have experienced a significant number of cases, but the condition of Washington is by far the most heavily affected. The effects of the virus in That state have largely stayed in the Seattle area.

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