How The CHU Collagen Brand Saw 6-Figure Revenue In 7 Months

During the three month Breaker in Singapore, when most were at home, many turned to starting their own businesses and passionate projects.

From confectionery products to cold beer, the home delivery industry boomed during this time.

CHU Collagen was one of the companies that started during the breaker era, and its popularity has been skyrocketing despite Singaporeans having been on the go for months now.

Started by husband and wife team Ethel Neo and Peter Lau, CHU Collagen specializes in premium prepackaged soup.

According to Ethel, 29, CHU Collagen was the first to launch and brought the trend of frozen collagen soup home delivery to Singapore.

While the brand started with just one flagship product – its premium chicken collagen soup – it has also since launched a Mee Premium shrimp soup and a Crab Bee Hoon kit.

Improve the home catering experience

collagen chu
Image Credit: CHU Collagen

After the birth of her first son two years ago, Ethel began making collagen chicken soup to bring them together with friends and family.

“I realized that while a lot of people could have their collagen pot at various restaurants, there really wasn’t an option to have it at home,” Ethel told Vulcan Post.

The road to creating the perfect Chicken Collagen Soup took Ethel and Peter through “many failures and kilograms of chicken bones.”

Eventually, they got the seal of approval from family and friends, who loved the soup so much that they started asking him to sell it.

This led to the birth of CHU Collagen’s first product – Premium Collagen Chicken Soup.

Knowing that others may not have time to make their own fresh broth, we launched CHU Collagen with the goal of providing high quality household stock to enhance cooking and dining experiences at the House.

Ethel Neo, co-founder of CHU Collagen

The husband and wife team then partnered with a food manufacturer to replicate Ethel’s recipe and commercialize the process.

Ethel said they actually started working with the food maker in February and spent two months in research and development.

Even though the store was launched when the breaker started up in April, it was not planned.

However, the “timing turned out to be perfect” as everyone had to stay home and look for recipes to try.

When people are locked up at home, it also motivates them to try new food products. Eating habits were also changing.

It helped our business as people were curious and more willing to try our broth.

Ethel Neo, co-founder of CHU Collagen

‘CHULY’ the best

collagen chu
Image Credit: CHU Collagen

Ethel points out that CHU Collagen does not use the word “Premium” lightly.

According to the neuroscience graduate, the quality and texture of the CHU soup is not easily found in other products.

As proof, the product is very popular with customers and their brand has experienced phenomenal growth.

During the first month of operation, its sales volume increased by 161 percent. Thereafter, it continued to grow at a steady rate of 5 to 15% per month.

To date, CHU Collagen has already achieved “high six-figure sales”.

It also sells at NTUC Fairprice Finest, so the team expects to achieve even higher growth rates.

Restaurant owners have also started to contact CHU Collagen, asking to use their broth in their dishes.

Currently, the brand collaborates with Takeshi Noodle Bar, which is the first restaurant to present the CHU broth in a Uni ramen specially organized by its chef.

Serial entrepreneurs

Ethel and Peter are an entrepreneurial couple. Ethel told Vulcan Post that while she enjoyed her old job as a teacher, she wanted to build a brand that was her own.

Besides CHU Collagen, the duo also launched a jewelry brand – Éclat by Oui – in 2017. The brand offers high-quality diamond simulants, and was launched because Ethel lost her engagement ring while traveling.

Traumatized and disappointed, she decided to look into a luxurious but guilt-free alternative to diamonds.

CHU Collagen is the couple’s second company, and they plan to take the brand to other Asian countries, as well as introduce new products.

“We are happy to provide an alternative to meals at home and to make people happy with the stomach, especially in these difficult times,” said Ethel.

Featured Image Credit: CHU Collagen

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