How Steven Lim Earned Over S$20K A Month By Making Birthday Videos

Most Singaporeans know the name Steven Lim.

He became a household name for his Singapore Idol debut in 2004, where he performed a striptease at Ricky Martin’s She hits.

He became an online sensation overnight and now has his own YouTube channel with “over 11 million views”.

The 44-year-old first started out as a “street eyebrow stylist”, brushing clients’ brows on the streets. He then rose to fame for approaching passers-by on the streets of Orchard Road to present them as models for his model agency.

Most recently, in 2017, Steven made headlines for facing off against bodybuilder Pradip Subramanian in an ill-fated Muay Thai match, which resulted in the latter’s death.

Undeterred, Steven moved on to his next project: running fitness classes.

His last adventure? Post paid birthday giveaways to her Instagram account for S $ 100 per pop.

Steven Lim gets paid to wish you a happy birthday

Steven Lim Instagram Page
Steven Lim’s Instagram page filled with birthday cries / Image Credits: Steven Lim via Instagram

As of April of this year, Steven Lim started posting paid birthday videos on his Instagram account. This also appears to be its main offering at the moment, with a large part of its website dedicated to the service.

After going through each of his birthday videos closely, it seems like he sticks to a certain format when filming them.

First, it starts with a very enthusiastic rendition of the traditional birthday song, interspersed with various animal sounds.

He also reads a message from the sender of the birthday cry – with so much vigor that it becomes a little difficult to understand his words.

Steven Lim Birthday
A very enthusiastic take on the birthday song / Image Credit: Steven Lim via Instagram

After the message, the scene then shifts to Steven standing in another part of his room, where he descends into frantic chanting and dancing. There are even strobe lights and modifications of paper planes flying through the screen.

Steven Lim starts song and dances
Steven Lim starts song and dance / Image Credit: Steven Lim via Instagram

According to Steven, it offers its recruiters a “timeless” and “memorable” experience.

How much does he get from it?

A quick glance at his Instagram page reveals that Steven posted his first birthday dedication on April 16.

To date, he has at least 380 of these videos on his Instagram account. It doesn’t take a math genius to calculate that he has earned at least S $ 38,000 since April.

MonthVideos posted (+/- 2)Earnings
April (from the 16th)20S $ 200
May93S $ 9,300
June207S $ 20,700
July (until 21)63S $ 6,300
TotalS $ 36,500
A Breakdown of Steven Lim’s Earnings / Credits: Vulcan Post

His best performing month was in June, where he posted 207 videos, meaning he made $ 20,700 in a single month.

What do people think of this?

Client Testimonials / Image Credits: Steven Lim

While anniversary videos are his specialty, he also has wedding anniversary and enlistment videos in the mix.

Her clients are between 16 and 40 years old. According to his Facebook page, he even has clients from Hong Kong.

“The overall motivation behind hiring him was because it would be fun and entertaining for everyone, even those who paid,” said Bryan Lim. The 24-year-old group of friends had hired Steven to give a birthday cry to one of their friends.

Other customers have echoed his feelings as well. Monica Siu, 28, had seen one of Steven’s birthday videos on an acquaintance’s Instagram story and found it ‘hilarious’, prompting her to hire him for the birthday. from a friend.

Bryan also mentioned that the birthday cry gave his friend a “memorable experience without having to buy an appropriate gift.”

It seems that chance during Steven’s birthday cries on Instagram is the greatest likelihood for people to discover this passage.

When 19-year-old Joey Tan was asked if she would consider hiring him for a birthday, she joked that she wouldn’t because “everyone does.”

While Steven may have lost a potential client, his response speaks volumes about the extent of his service.

There’s also no denying that he was successful in monetizing his popularity (or notoriety) – and could even have brought someone considerable joy on their birthday.

Featured Image Credit: Mustsharenews

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