Hot Cocktail Recipe: Scottish Coffee

On a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing like a hot, alcoholic cocktail to relax you and warm your bones. Irish Coffee is a popular coffee for many, a concoction made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and topped with whipped cream. It’s also one of my favorites, but lately I’ve created a similar version inspired by their whiskey-loving neighbors located just across the North Channel. Yes, I’m talking about Scotland, and we call this cocktail Scottish coffee.

If you haven’t guessed it already, this Scottish coffee recipe uses almost all of the same ingredients, except we’re shaking things up a bit by using Scotch whiskey instead of the Irish stuff. Make no mistake, they’re not the same and Scots take their most popular national and export drink very seriously. A Scotch whiskey can only be labeled as such if it is produced in a distillery in Scotland under a series of strict rules and regulations. It should also be bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV and aged for at least 3 years.

Also known and singularly referred to as Scotch, for this recipe we recommend going with a non-repeat version. If you are new to the world of Scotch Whiskey (you drop the ‘e’ in the whiskey when you are in Scotland), unpeated whiskeys are appreciated because of their smooth, clean flavor. Peated whiskeys, on the other hand, are whiskeys that are produced to embody smokiness in a variety of strengths in addition to their other flavor profiles. While this style of whiskey first made popular in Scotland is loved by many, this recipe is best made with unpeated scotch. The label should be able to guide you.

Which Scottish whiskey should you use in Scottish coffeeBruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scotch Whiskey

Nicely balanced with flavor notes of caramel, vanilla and malt, we found that Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scotch Whiskey is a perfect choice for this recipe. With a gorgeous deep golden caramel color derived entirely from maturing in a variety of barrel types, The Classic Laddie is made with 100% Scotch barley and triple distilled (no added caramel color like other distilleries often do) . Try this one even if you think you don’t like scotch. Classic Laddie is a great spirit for anyone looking to get their feet (or palate) wet when it comes to drinking Scotch whiskey and it may surprise you just how drinkable it is. And even without the coffee, sugar and cream, it’s wonderful to sip this to warm up on a cold evening. And warm up.

In which cafe should you use Scottish coffee

For this recipe, you can use any hot coffee you like. A smooth medium roast coffee is what we recommend for optimum flavor. Many coffee lovers around the world who are serious about their beans recommend using French Press to make the best coffee. A French press is not only a convenient way to brew fresh coffee in small portions, but it’s also incredibly delicious. To make French Press coffee, place coarse ground coffee (preferably from freshly ground beans) steeped in hot water in a French Press carafe, then essentially brewed instead of being brewed like a traditional coffee maker would. . Since the coffee grounds are essentially soaked in hot water instead of being filtered, all the flavors and oils in the beans are left intact and delivered straight to your cup for the most delicious coffee drinking experience. . If you don’t have a French press, but want one, they’re pretty cheap and you can usually find them for $ 20 or less.

What are the ingredients of Scottish coffeeBruichladdich Classic Laddie Scotch Whiskey: This sweet unpeated Scotch whiskey with notes of malt and vanilla is the ideal choice to enjoy in your Scottish Coffee.

Brown sugar: For a little sweetness with a warm touch of molasses.

Hot brewed coffee: We love the results with a French press with freshly ground beans, but a traditionally brewed coffee would be just fine. A medium roast coffee would work best.

Hot milk: This is optional, but if you typically have cream or milk in your coffee, this is the way to go.

Fresh whipped cream: It’s time for the grand finale! The fresh whipped cream is not only impressive, it is also an important part of the experience. Slowly pour in the whipped cream so that it floats on the coffee, but do not stir it. Sip the coffee in the whipped cream. Enjoy!


Scottish coffee recipe

Scottish coffee




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  • 1.5
    Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scotch Whiskey
  • 6
    Freshly ground coffee
    Preferably French in a hurry
  • 2
    coffee spoons
    brown sugar
  • Fresh whipped cream for the top


  1. In an 8 ounce glass mug, add 1.5 ounces of Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scotch Whiskey.

  2. Then add the brown sugar.

  3. Top with hot coffee and stir.

  4. OPTIONAL: Add hot milk if desired.

  5. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream.

About the Bruichladdich distillery

Located in the Scottish Isles on the tiny Isle of Islay (pronounced “EYE-luh”) Bruichladdich, originally established in 1881 is today a distillery known for its experimentation with recipes and processes. They currently produce 4 unique spirits, all bottled on site, offering both unpeated (smooth) and peated (smoked) single malt Scotch whiskeys.

Visit Bruichladdich to learn more about their process and where to find their Laddie Classic Scotch Whiskey.

See our article Discover the best Scottish whiskeys with Bruichladdich

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