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Celcom Axiata Berhad has just announced the launch of its new Lifetime Plan, Celcom MAX, which aims to be a one stop plan for all home and mobile internet needs serving families, work and homeowners. company.

The plan combines both Celcom Home Fiber and Celcom MEGA postpaid plans into one bill for households of any size and for any purpose like online learning, WFH, entertainment, gaming, etc.

Idham Nawawi, CEO of Celcom Axiata Berhad, shared in the launch today that throughout the pandemic they have seen more than 50% growth in their data traffic, which has prompted them to come up with this new plan. developed by T Kugan, their Director of Emerging Affairs.

A 24 month contract that saves 21 RM / month

Celcom MAX is available in 3 packages via a 24 month contract, and here is what is included in each package:

Their Mesh WiFi allows up to 150 connected devices. Each package will provide customers with a free AX router from Celcom.

Dictionary time: Mesh WiFi is a whole house WiFi system designed to eliminate dead zones and provide uninterrupted WiFi throughout the house.


TT, which are iQiyi, iFlix, or DimSum, which users can choose from. OTT (over-the-top) multimedia services such as iQiyi, iFlix or DimSum offered by Celcom will not be the only ones available either. Celcom shared in their Q&A that there are more services they plan to introduce in the near future.

If you sign up for Celcom MAX, once your contract expires after 24 months, you can still enjoy the savings of RM21 / month as long as your Celcom MEGA plan and Celcom Home Fiber plan remain active.

Those who are not interested in Celcom MAX can choose to simply purchase the Celcom MEGA plan and Celcom Home Fiber plan individually:

Individual plansCelcom Home Fiber (24 month contract)Celcom MEGA
Cost– RM99
– RM119
– RM179
RM80 and above, which grants:
– Unlimited calls to all networks
– 0.20 RM / SMS

Adding to Sharp TVs and Laptops

In addition to Internet offers and mobile plans, Celcom also announced technology deals under Celcom MAX, namely Sharp Android TVs and Microsoft Surface LTE.

ApparatusSharp Android TV
Cut60 inch or 42 inch
PricesRM 2400 (60 inch TV) or RM 1,200 (42 inch TV) after 50% discount
Payment plansRM100 / month (24 month contract for 60 inch TV and 12 month contract for 42 inch TV)
FeaturesGoogle Play 5k apps, Google Assistant, Chromecast built-in

For these two TVs, buyers will receive a free Sharp Online Store voucher worth RM 500 for the 60 inch TV and RM 100 for the 42 inch TV.

Here are the Microsoft LTE laptops on offer:

ApparatusMicrosoft Surface Go 2 LTEMicrosoft Surface Pro X LTE
CostRM3,400 (from RM4,033)RM5,800 (from RM6,438)
LTE specifications128 GB LTE256 GB LTE
Payment plans (over 24 months)RM142 / monthRM242 / month

Both of these laptops will come with their own covers. Users who want to add a Surface Pen and Surface Bluetooth Mouse can get them at a slight discount with prices of RM320 and RM150 respectively.

If a customer chooses to pay in advance, Celcom accepts debit and credit cards, but only credit cards can be accepted for the 24 month payment plan.

The first 100 customers get a free first month

From today until April 9, 2021, the first 100 customers who sign up for a Celcom MAX plan can get their first month’s bill canceled.

During the question and answer period, Idham also noted that these plans are in line with the national shutdown of 3G networks in the country to switch to 5G by December 31, 2021. Therefore, it is important that Malaysians can first migrate to a 4G environment and upgrade their devices accordingly, with Celcom’s efforts to make it easier.

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Featured Image Credit: Idham Nawawi, CEO of Celcom Axiata Berhad

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