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For a week now, I have been playing this game called Redecor with devotion. It’s an interior design game that isn’t that bad as a starting point to improve your interior design skills.

Since MCO, my personal and professional life revolves around my bedroom and living room. The longer I stay at home, the more time I have to be picky about what the rooms in my house look like and what I would like to change.

At the same time, I don’t want to do anything impulsive with real consequences.

My solution to this first world problem? Play a game that will satisfy my cravings and save my wallet.

How it works

Each day there will be 2-3 daily interior design challenges to complete in 24 hours. Usually there is a small requirement to follow, like a stone table, floral rug, etc. for these challenges.

Every now and then you’ll be challenged to participate in a Design Duel with another player to see if you can come up with a design that’s better than theirs.

What a challenge looks like (left) and my proudest design wins (right)

You have gold and silver to spend on the scenery you want to use for the challenges. Usually you’ll run into around 10 other designs if it’s not a Design Duel.

You earn money with every design you post, but if you complete a challenge you will be rewarded with gold which will allow you to purchase the best designs. Another way for you to make money is to criticize other players’ designs by voting for the best.

I didn’t think I would get addicted

When I first started I didn’t have high expectations for the game. I have played similar design games in the past and none of them have ever stayed on my home screen longer. ‘a day.

For the most part, this is because a lot of design games have a similar graphic style which is a bit cartoonish and makes it look like they are meant for kids.

Redecor, on the other hand, has more realistic graphics, and it was this alone that I immediately caught my eye.

As the game has the competitive element, it also helps satisfy my competitive nature through the light challenges.

What I liked about the game

It is quite impossible to run out of money

I like being able to play for as long as possible without spending on in-app purchases to get ahead of the rest.

While there are sets and materials that I would love to unlock in this game, it’s not really necessary because at the end of the day if your design appeals to your critics, you can still earn and earn rewards.

You have to spend money in the game to buy a scenery, although it’s hard to run out.

Gold is harder to earn, but it’s doable as long as your design grabs critics.

The easiest currencies to earn

Just the right amount of challenges

One of the things I enjoy about this game is how low maintenance it is with my time.

I just check in whenever I need a break from my work to design a space and come back for the next challenge. You won’t even be left hanging for the sequel, as a challenge only takes 5 minutes.

So, in a way, the challenges are enough to refresh me and satisfy me for having completed something, while leaving me wanting more the next day.

Pinterest number two

Whenever I think about redecorating my bedroom, my go-to site has always been Pinterest. Sometimes I would go to IKEA to visit some of their showrooms to find inspiration.

Since playing Redecor, I doubt I’ll be watching these two anytime soon.

What a voting process looks like

Taking inspiration from Pinterest and IKEA is that you usually let yourself be inspired by what’s already in front of your screen. When I play this game, I could mix up endless design possibilities for a room without being limited by influence.

It’s almost like a playground for me to put my personality and preferences into a room since I have that kind of “money” to experiment with all kinds of designs.

What I didn’t like about the game

I can’t be my best creator

Although it is easy to earn money and gold in this game, you are still closed in a certain way, with stars. The stars allow you to unlock different scenery which you can purchase with your gold and silver.

So even though I have a lot of gold and silver to waste, my lack of stars sometimes prevents me from unlocking more scenery.

Winning a contest is the only way after in-app purchases for you to earn more stars. Right now I only have 8 wins out of 61 models so you can see how slow it is for me to unlock all the cooler scenery.

This is where the game gets boring, as it felt like I blew up at first, but now I’m approaching stagnation.

However, to be fair, the game does not contain any ads, so I have to put more emphasis on in-app purchases.

There’s no way I’m spending that much just to unlock items … that’s probably why I only have 8 wins out of 61 designs

Requirements for challenges

Most challenges have requirements such as what materials they would like to use, what type of wallpaper they expect, the ambiance they are looking for, etc. Sometimes, you won’t even have access to other decors than the customer’s choice.

As someone who doesn’t like bohemian, floral, and vibrant designs, I dread these challenges every time I have to do them.

Also, since I don’t have enough stars, I can’t unlock my client’s entire choices section. So sometimes I’m stuck with just 3 out of 15 designs.

Suggestions for improving

Despite the limitations of this game, I generally like to play it because of the size of the challenges for someone who is not an avid gamer like me.

However, if these limitations continue to bother me more than I love the game, I would probably quit it because who likes stagnation in a game?

Rather than allowing players to speed up to the start, give them high expectations, and then limit their progress later, it would be better if the game had more control over the progress.

One way to do this could be to include more types of challenges other than the 2 they currently have, which could help players fit in better and find the game interesting.

  • You can read more about Redecor here, and download it from the Google Play Store here, or the Apple App Store here.
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