Healthy Vegetable Jams For Adults And Children

Maybe my parents raised me well, or I was never a picky eater as a kid, but I never had a problematic relationship with eating vegetables. Even now, spending a few days without greens on my plate makes me crave salad for dinner to make up for the guilt.

But this is not the experience of Soon Teoh relatives and clients. The creation of its brand of vegetarian jams came from 2 distinct events:

  • The demands of Green Juice rushing to his juice bar, The Cool Juice, and
  • Young parents and parents trying to hide vegetables in their children’s food.

Aware that there is a receptive market for him, he spent 4 months of R&D with his team to launch Spoonfit Jams.

Spreadable vegetables in jars

“There were a few customers who jokingly asked if we could also make healthy snacks like cookies or jams, as it will be easier for them to feed their kids the green vegetables than to drink them in juice.” Soon Teoh told Vulcan. To post.

In fact, even relatives suggested it, as children preferred sweet snacks to vegetables and sodas to juices.

“My cousin jokingly said that with jam she could just put it on bread, cover it and feed her kids first, saying it was kaya or something before revealing it. was actually a vegetable, ”he laughed.

Gathering their team together, they did some trial and error, testing various recipes that featured fruits and vegetables without adding preservatives or artificial colors. Fruits are mainly there to mask vegetables that have a bitter taste into something sweet and sought after by children.

The jams look more like mash / Image credit: Spoonfit Jams

So, they came up with flavors like carrot orange, greenish (celery, spinach and cucumber with lemon juice) and beetroot, all costing RM15.90 for 250g each.

Unlike fruit jams which are more like jelly, Spoonfit’s vegetarian jams have a texture similar to mash. “Some even say it looks like baby food,” Soon Teoh commented.

Because there are no preservatives inside the jams, their shelf life is shorter. The founder said the small package was chosen on purpose as well, as it was realistic in size to consume within 2 weeks of first opening. If customers wanted to stock up, he said the sealed jams can last up to a year when stored in a cool, dry place.

It’s not just for kids

Vegetarian jams are not very popular locally, which makes them a difficult product to market online. Soon Teoh realized this and said that for an edible brand, the best way to convince customers is to have them try, an approach also used by The Posh Egg.

“We are used to eating vegetables or fruits individually without ever tasting them together as a mixture. So if I were to say that it is made with celery, spinach and cucumber, you could imagine the taste of each vegetable and decide that “No, it is not going to taste good together” without ever tasting it, “he said. he explained.

But because of COVID-19, taste testing in stores and pop-up bazaars was not possible. Thus, Spoonfit Jams had to rely on online campaigns.

“We were giving out free jams so people would give us at least one try. We also get influencers to help us with taste reviews, ”he said. This is also how word of mouth came out on the brand, where most of Soon Teoh’s friends were themselves influencers or had influencer friends.

Young women looking for healthy snacks are huge fans / Image credit: Spoonfit Jams

With influencers recommending the product to others in their age range, young women looking for healthy snack alternatives were actually Spoonfit’s first customers.

This opened up a larger target market, but Soon Teoh said he still targets young families and one day hopes to be known as the brand of choice for healthy jam locally.

Since its launch in November 2020, Spoonfit has already received a Halal certificate and can be found in some Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer branches in the Klang Valley.

In the long term, Soon Teoh wants the brand to be a successful Malaysian jam company with a regional presence. He also hopes to expand his product offering with a wide range of jam flavors, including local specialties.

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Featured Image Credit: Soon Teoh, Founder of Spoonfit Jams

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