Grab’s Latest Investor Presentation Slides Ahead Of Its S$53B US Listing

Singapore-based tech company and super app Grab yesterday announced plans to go public in the US in partnership with Altimeter Growth Corp.

The value of the proposed transactions Grab at an initial pro-forma equity value of approximately $ 39.6 billion (S $ 53.16 billion) for a PIPE size of over $ 4.0 billion (5.37 billion S $) and will provide Grab with approximately $ 4.5 billion (S $ 6.04 billion) in cash.

Ahead of its U.S. listing plan, Grab released an investor presentation featuring key statistics on the company’s growth in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region.

Southeast Asia’s Leading Super App

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Grab was launched as MyTeksi in Malaysia in 2012, which made it possible to book a ride through an app.

They then developed in the region from 2013 under the name GrabTaxi. It moved to Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand that year and four other Southeast Asian countries over the next four years, renaming itself along the way as the Grab.

It has since grown into Southeast Asia’s leading super app, offering a range of services from transportation and delivery to micro-investments, insurance and financial services.

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This suite of services is integrated into what a consumer will do every day of their life, from ordering breakfast, commuting to your office, and shopping online after work.

Grab’s latest financial data

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Here are some key statistics presented in the investor presentation:

In 2020, Grab reached $ 12.5 billion in gross merchandise value, surpassing pre-pandemic levels and more than doubling from 2018. Grab’s adjusted net income was $ 1.6 billion in 2020, with more than 1.9 billion transactions completed on Grab.

It is available in more than 400 cities in 8 countries. As of December 2020, Grab has 5 million registered partner drivers and 2 million merchant partners

It has also been successful in diversifying its business model across the eight countries, with no country accounting for more than 35% of its revenue.

The investor presentation also indicates that Grab is in the top position in mobility with the largest last mile transport network, deliveries, largest delivery platform and financial services.

The company made significant progress in profitability, achieving positive segment EBITDA in mobility in all markets and positive segment EBITDA in deliveries in five out of six countries. In addition, it expects to reach profitability by 2023.

Post-IPO vision

According to the company, it believes it is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of consumers, traders and drivers in Southeast Asia through its super apps strategy, and it will continue to expand its offerings in the region.

It already offers an ecosystem of complementary services, meeting the most frequent daily needs, all via a single application.

For online food delivery, ridesharing, and digital wallet payments, Grab expects its total addressable market to grow from around US $ 52 billion ($ 69.59 billion) in 2020 to over $ 180 billion ($ 134.50 billion) by 2025.

“We are very proud to represent South East Asia in global public markets. This is an important step in our journey to open up universal access to benefit from the digital economy, ”said Anthony Tan, Founder and CEO of Grab.

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