GrabFood, GrabMart Users Have To Pay S$0.30 In Platform Fees

As of April 22, 2021, Grab will increase the platform fees for GrabFood and GrabMart to S $ 0.30 per order. It is currently S $ 0.20 per order.

According to Grab, the rise in fees was caused by an increase in the demand for deliveries. In an email Grab sent to customers, the food transportation and delivery platform said it will need to increase its platform fees to provide a “safer, more efficient platform.”

“In order to continue to do this on a sustainable basis, we will be adjusting our platform fees from 10 cents to 30 cents per order as of April 22, 2021. This will serve to maintain current functionality and develop new ones,” said declared the company.

Invest in new and current features

Grab said the platform fee will be used to maintain current features and develop new ones. The fees will be used for investments in three areas – safety, security and efficiency.

Screenshot of Grab’s message to customers

He also said there will be new features to reduce the wait time. for delivery partners in stores, and improved fraud prevention measures.

The move comes after Grab imposed a S $ 30 platform fee for its ridesharing services last December.

Last month, Grab announced that a processing fee of S $ 1 will be charged for GrabPay Wallet top-ups made using Visa credit cards. Charges will only be waived for top-ups valued at S $ 400 or more.

According to Grab, the new processing fees will be implemented to “cover the costs perceived by the service provider”.

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