Grab Will Charge S$1 If You Top Up Your GrabPay With Visa Credit Card

From June 1, 2021, a processing fee of S $ 1 will be charged for GrabPay Wallet top-ups made using Visa credit cards.

Charges will only be waived for top-ups valued at S $ 400 or more.

According to Grab, the new processing fees will be implemented to “cover the costs perceived by the service provider”.

He claimed that there are still a variety of free ways to top up your GrabPay wallet.

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Screenshot of the Grab app

American Express or Mastercard credit card users and all debit cards will still be able to top up their GrabPay wallet with no processing fees.

Transfers from other GrabPay users will also not be charged.

How to top up via PayNow VPA?

The PayNow Virtual Payment Address, or VPA, is a unique identifier that can be linked to your GrabPay wallet.

Once linked, users can make PayNow transfers to your VPA from your favorite banking app – a process similar to PayNow transfers to mobile numbers.

According to Grab, setting up a PayNow VPA will allow users to unlock new GrabPay wallet features, including transferring their balance to bank accounts, other e-wallets, PayNow users and GrabPay Wallet.

Users will be able to make up to two transfers per day from their transferable balance.

grabpay paynow vpa
Screenshot of the Grab app

To top up their GrabPay wallet via PayNow VPA, users must first link their PayNow VPA to their GrabPay wallet.

Once done, they can log into their favorite banking app and enter their PayNow VPA. They can simply enter the top-up amount and confirm the transaction for instant and seamless top-up.

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