Google Stadia Is Now Available For Free

Google Stadia Is Now Available For Free-For Two Months

Google Stadia Is Now Available For Free-For Two Months

The Google Stadia game streaming service had been available for a monthly subscription in the past. But today, Google Stadia is now available for all people to use for free. But there is a catch, as Stadia is only going to be available for free for two months.

There had been plans to get a free membership tier available. But Google has yet to make that free membership option permanent.

The open demo for all is to help people explore what Stadia has to offer. Details on when the free membership tier would become a permanent option have not been released.

Google Stadia Is Now Available For Free
Google Stadia Is Now Available For Free

How the Feature Works

Google Stadia will offer a free two-month membership to the Pro edition of the service to people in fourteen countries. The Pro edition provides people with some built-in base games. It also offers support for 5.1 surround sound and 4K displays. It can also handle television sets that support ultra-fast frame rates, thus producing a seamless display interface.

The user will be able to play one’s games on an account across all of one’s screens. These include television sets that feature a Google Chromecast Ultra attachment, a laptop or desktop computer with a Chrome browser, and some tablets and phones. The user must have a Wi-Fi link and the proper Stadia controller for access. Stadia is not available on iOS devices, although Google is hoping to correct that in the future.

What Do You Get?

Not all things on the Stadia service will be available for free. It will cost extra for people to purchase games to play on Stadia. But the one-time payment allows the user to have access to the game as long as the person has an active Stadia account.

Stadia has various games available right now, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Doom Eternal. Various other games will be available in the future, including Cyberpunk 2077.

Permanent Free Option?

Stadia had promised that it would offer a free service tier when the system started last year. It regularly costs $10 per month to get access to Stadia.

Stadia says that its free service will be available to all people soon and that free members only need to pay for the games they wish to purchase. But the free tier will not include any built-in games. People who use the current free trial might have to pay extra to access those games after the trial ends.

The free tier would also have lower user settings than the paid form. Free members would only be able to play games at 1080p, plus users would have stereo sound. The version also works at 60 fps.

A Current Change

The default setting for all Stadia users during this trial period will entail a 1080p display. Existing users can change that setting in the preferences if they wish. The 1080p default option may be to explain to new users that this is what they would get out of the free version, although that edition has not been released yet.

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