Gojek To Roll Out Multi-Destination Feature, Cancellation Fee From July 20

Now that we are in phase 2, we will surely go to more places and if you are a Gojek user, here are some updates that you should be aware of.

On July 20, Gojek will launch a multi-destination feature that allows commuters to include up to three destinations – or up to two additional stops – in one trip at the time of booking.

This is the most extensive multi-destination offer offered by point-to-point transport operators in Singapore, because Gojek wants to offer the greatest flexibility to commuters to customize their itinerary according to their needs.

In addition to providing additional convenience and a more rewarding travel experience for commuters, the feature will improve the earning opportunities for drivers as multi-destination trips come with higher fares.

Gojek will start charging a $ 4 cancellation fee

As part of a more reliable browsing experience, Gojek will also roll out a cancellation fee system on July 20.

Commuters will be charged $ 4 if they cancel a reservation five minutes or more after a driver has been assigned to them, or as soon as the driver arrives at their pick-up location. This reimburses the partner drivers for the time and effort they spend in visiting their customers.

At the same time, it gives commuters the ability to cancel a trip request – only if they need it – within five minutes of connecting with a driver.

“The initiatives we announced today are aimed at enhancing the user experience for customers and driver partners, and encouraging better behavior on our platform,” said Lien Choong Luen, chief executive officer of Gojek Singapore .

“The multi-destination feature allows commuters to make up to three stops in a single trip while knowing the price in advance before starting their trip, which provides them with a convenient and seamless transportation option. The cancellation fee system allows us to more fairly compensate the driver-partners for their time and efforts in the event of a reservation cancellation. We will continue to refine our offer to meet the constantly changing needs of our users. “

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