Healthy Condition

Get Your Ideas Of Healthy Condition By The Latest Survey

Get Your Ideas Of Healthy Condition By The Latest Survey

Healthy ConditionHealthy Condition: In recent research, many of the school going students are lacking on health condition because many of people are going to work and they have no time to play with the kids this will make the children as lazy and dull. Also, now many of the school children are only lacking in the fitness. This alarm in all over the country where more than forty percent of students are affected by the health-related problems. Also, they are irrespective based on the gender, region, and age. The healthy body always remains in the same condition. When the mass ends of the body as well as the index, are proper.

Primary reason for unhealthy

This study is also conducted across more than eight to five cities. During the survey, they cross over the 1,15,559 students. The primary reason for the sick is not playing in outside environments. Many of the experts also believe this study because they come with the situation. The lack of other games as well as physical activities is significant problems. Because now nobody used to play outdoor games.

The kabaddi is one of the excellent games, but no one knows to play, few of them used to perform the kabaddi even the students are in villages. In city majority of students highly fascinated towards the indoor games like video games and more others. This will not develop the body because the open space as well as, playgrounds are used to fashioning the pace in a fast manner.

How to stay

Moreover, it will enable your muscle strength. Now all are using the electronic gadgets like tablets, mobile phone, laptops and more others. This will create the common problems for kids. Many of open spaces will automatically enrich and turned into various places like parks. But all students font like to enjoy the time in playing along with families. Also, the students can’t able to play the games like basketball and football games in a proper way. Many of the experts say that the nuclear family along with the parents who are working they encourage the unhealthy. Because they helped to add some disadvantages to add huge problem.

The nuclear family never takes interest to stay the healthy body. Also, they don’t think about the students’ ability due to busy in their work. Due to that, many of the family make the plan to have the child as a single without the siblings as a company to play with children.


Moreover, the apartments, culture, and society in the metro city like Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi have finished the clutter of community because the students have no opportunity to meet the neighborhoods as well to play.  In a metro city for unhealthy is common there are no wonders, but the non-metros are lesser than a metro city. Where in non-metro the students will have the index levels as well as the parameters for fitness.

Additionally, in the survey the non-metro schools implement the sports programmes and physical education as seventy-five percentages this helps to keep the children as flexibility. Similarly, the non-metro student has high strength in upper body, but the metros are estimated only at 61%. Having the children of an unhealthy population is highly significant because it leads to another generation also with sick.

The problem of unhealthy is not only in urban also in semi-urban so always make the plan to recover the problems of sick. The playgrounds are not for students to carry out the physical activities. Becoming the healthy one is very easy, always do the activities like exercise and yoga for every day and get back the strength.

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