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In the past, we have been eagerly awaiting seasonal sales in physical stores for offers and discounts. It has changed a lot in the last few years. 11.11 is barely behind us, and we are already looking forward to 12.12 for the next big sale online.

Given that 51% of Malaysians now prefer online payments over in-person payments, it makes sense to have an updated credit card to cater for a digitally savvy customer base.

This is where the new Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card comes in. Online shoppers in particular will appreciate the cash back rewards and extra cash back discounts you get for digital purchases.

1. Get cashback by spending online

With the pandemic and the current situation, shopping online is the best and safest way to shop.

Personally, I went back and forth to get a new camera.

I’ve been dreaming of this Ricoh GR III camera for a while now

If you make a purchase from online e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee using the credit card, you will be eligible for a 30% cash back (capped at RM15 per month).

If you act quickly, you can maximize your purchases with big day sales discounts like 11.11 or 12.12 and get cash back while you’re at it. But cashback opportunities aren’t just specific to ecommerce sites.

You can also get a 30% cash back when you top up e-wallets like Touch ‘n Go, Boost and Grabpay using the card as well (capped at RM15 per month).

2. Get additional discounts on certain days

When shopping online, I spend a lot of time looking for additional promo codes that I can use, usually with limited success.

Standard Chartered Chip Credit Card makes it easy, all you have to do is wait for a specific day and spend it to be eligible for a RM20 or RM30 off.

MondayShopee20 RM off with a minimum of 150 RM spent through the Shopee app (use code: SCBMON)
TuesdayLazada20 RM discount with 150 RM minimum spent through the Lazada app (use code: SCBTUE20)
WednesdayZalora30 RM discount with 150 RM minimum spent on the Zalora app (use the code: SCBDEALS)
ThursdayWatsons30 RM off with a minimum of 150 RM spent at the Watsons site
FridayTaobao20 RM off with a minimum of 150 RM spent on the Taobao app

If I buy the camera I’m eyeing using the standard smart credit card on Shopee on a Monday, I’ll be eligible for a RM20 discount, plus a RM15 discount.

3. Get discounts and cash back when you buy food online

While many of us have played at being chefs throughout working from home, food deliveries have also become a norm.

Restaurants have estimated that their current revenue is now split into 20% restaurants / take out and 80% food delivery apps. Before the MCO, this ratio was reversed, so it’s clear that many of us took orders online.

If you’re craving non-home cooked meals, you can also use the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card to get discounts and cash back when ordering food from dahmakan, DeliverEat, Domino’s Pizza, foodpanda, and Hungry2u. com.

Here’s a quick chart on what you can get:

A serviceCash back + discount
Dahmakan• Get 30% cash back with a minimum of RM50 spent
• 30% discount on the total bill for new users only (use code: DAHSCB30)
• 15% discount on the total bill for existing users (use code: DAHSCB15)
DeliverEat• 30% discount with a minimum of RM50 spent
Domino Pizza• 30% discount with a minimum of RM50 spent
• Special Offer – 55 RM for 1 large pizza (extra cheese) + 1 regular pizza (extra cheese) + 1 side of bread + 1 Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original / Tom Yam) + 1 bottle of drink (use code: PSCB55)
panda food• 30% discount with a minimum of RM50 spent
• 50% discount for new users, capped at RM10 (use code: HELLOPANDA)• 30% discount with a minimum of RM50 spent
• 5 RM in cash per month
Dahmakan’s Salted Egg Butter Chicken / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

4. Get cashback from your entertainment

As someone who spends monthly on subscription platforms and games, having this card will also entitle me to up to 6% cash back per month (capped at RM20) on multiple subscription or gaming platforms.

You’ll have to spend over 1000 RM one month on retail purchases to be eligible for cashback from Netflix, Spotify, Astro, Steam, PlayStation, Joox, and iQIYI.

You also don’t need to use all platforms to get the cashback.

But during the months when there are a lot of game launches, it makes sense to use the card to purchase upcoming games.

5. Get extra money for other expenses with 0% interest rate

If you are shopping at a location that does not accept credit cards, you can still use the standard chip credit card to your advantage by getting an on-call check Plus which can provide you with cash up to RM15,000. with 0% interest rate, plus a RM100 discount if you apply before December 31, 2020.

This is especially useful for high value purchases that offer an additional discount if you pay in cash.

  • For more information on the standard smart credit card, click here. Note that according to a normal credit card there are eligibility checks and you will need to have at least a minimum income of RM36,000 per year.
  • There is also an annual fee of RM120 for the standard chip credit card. However, the first year is canceled and subsequent years are canceled with annual expenditure of RM12,000.
  • Learn more about what we wrote previously about Standard Chartered here.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

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