Genting Cruise Lines Now Hiring Singaporeans For Over 100 Jobs

As part of the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) efforts to revive leisure travel to Singapore, two cruise lines will be allowed to offer “cruises to nowhere” from November.

These cruises will be non-stop round trips.

They are also entitled to a maximum capacity of 50 percent made up of Singapore residents only.

Genting Cruise Lines’ World Dream will begin offering these cruises on November 6, while Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas will begin sailing in December.

To prepare for set sail, Genting Cruise Lines announced Thursday, October 15, that it was recruiting Singaporeans to work on the World Dream ship.

Over 100 jobs available

hiring genting cruise passengers
Image Credit: World Dream

Genting Cruise Lines said it has more than 100 vacancies available. Scopes of application cover all aspects of cruise operations and include naval officers, chefs, media technicians, as well as reception staff.

“The search for talent will encompass a broad local footprint ranging from former naval or ship officers and crews to the hard-hit food and beverage industry and the hospitality industry,” said Genting Cruise Lines in a press release.

According to Michael Goh, president of Dream Cruises, one of the Genting Cruise Lines brands, cruise lines have always relied on international crews.

However, Genting Cruise Lines aims to give Singapore’s economy a boost, which is why it is now aimed at Singaporeans.

“To help alleviate the severe job losses in the national economy due to COVID-19, Genting Cruise Lines has pledged to hire as many Singaporeans as possible,” Michael said in an interview with Channel News Asia.

Barriers to entry for jobs are also lower.

Typically, the cruise crew should stay on board for up to 11 months at a time. However, since World Dream’s cruises are short, Singaporeans who join a crew may benefit from more flexibility.

The company has also signed a memorandum of understanding with local institutes of higher education to offer internships and apprenticeship programs to students wishing to explore a career in the tourism sector.

“In addition to providing employment opportunities for Singaporeans, the restart of World Dream will also benefit all associated companies that support cruise operations,” said Michael.

“The trickle down effect will undoubtedly be an important part of revitalizing Singapore’s economy. Genting Cruise Lines is proud to help help Singapore on the road to recovery. “

Interested job seekers can visit the World Dream Careers page for more information.

Featured Image Credit: World Dream

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