Founder BKT Closes Down Bugis Outlet, Opens Franchise Outlet In China

Founder Bak Kut Teh is a local heritage brand with 42 years of history.

He announced last night (September 30) on Facebook that he would close his Bugis point of sale from October 1.

“Singapore’s food industry is suffering and we continue to struggle like many other local restaurant businesses. It is a reality and continues to be so, ”he wrote in a message.

He also clarified a news article circulating about its recent opening in Chengdu, China, following his open letter about its troubled business.

Founder Bak Kut Teh clarified that the Chengdu outlet was a “franchise model” and was decided in 2019 before COVID-19.

“The opening was supposed to take place early this year, but due to COVID the plan was postponed until recently,” he explained.

“We hope to clarify that this franchise model is fully supported by our Chinese partners. We greatly appreciate that our franchisee is always willing to continue their commitment and we want our brand to be successful by expanding into China.

The founder of BKT had already warned of a possible closure

In July, second-generation owner Nigel Chua posted an open appeal on founder Bak Kut Teh’s Facebook page to prevent the company from shutting down.

founder bak kut teh open advocacy
Image Credit: Founder Bak Kut Teh

In the Facebook post, he said that “sales have dropped significantly by over 85%” and the company is facing the crisis of a possible shutdown in the next two months “if the situation does not improve. “.

“We are sincerely looking for your support so that we do not let our 42 years of hard work go in vain. Please safeguard our brand, the jobs of our many employees and our heritage, ”he added.

Open advocacy masked as a sympathy plot?

However, the online publication drew a lot of criticism among internet users. Some have claimed that Chua lives a lavish lifestyle, owning three private estates, fancy cars and expensive watches, and called his plea a publicity stunt.

Chua later clarified in an interview that 8 days he lives “in a five-room HDB apartment in Hougang”.

The three private Internet users he owns are jointly owned by him, his father and his older sister. In addition, his car is a used Toyota Vellfire.

founder bak kut teh
Facebook screenshot

His watch, identified by Internet users as an Audemars Pigeut model, was also purchased second-hand.

Following the closure of his Bugis outlet, founder Bak Kut Teh has three more outlets in Singapore at Downtown East, Jalan Sultan and Balestier Road.

Featured Image Credit: Founder Bak Kut Teh / Miss Tam Chiak

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