Florida-Based Doctor Arrested in Haiti President’s Assassination

July 13, 2021

A Haitian-born doctor, who was based in Florida for more than two decades, has been arrested as a central suspect in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, according to The New York Times.

About two dozen people have been arrested as suspects, the newspaper reported, although police believe Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, was plotting to become president.

“He arrived by private plane in June with political objectives and contacted a private security company to recruit the people who committed this act,” Leon Charles, the head of Haiti’s national police, said during the meeting. a press conference on Sunday.

The company, called CTU Security, is a Venezuelan company based in Miami, Charles said. In a raid on Sanon’s home in Port-au-Prince, police found six rifles, 20 boxes of bullets, 24 unused shooting targets, pistol holsters and a hat with the US Drug Enforcement logo on it. Agency.

“This initial mission that was given to these attackers was to protect the individual named Emmanuel Sanon, but subsequently the mission changed,” said Charles.

The new “mission” was to arrest Moses and install Sanon as president, The New York Times reported, although Charles did not explain when the mission turned into an assassination or how Sanon could have taken control of the government.

Moïse was shot dead on July 7 at his home in Port-au-Prince by a “team of commandos”, according to The Washington Post. Haiti on Friday called on the United States to send troops to the country to protect its airport and key infrastructure.

The announcement of Sanon’s arrest came hours after officials from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security arrived in Haiti on Sunday to discuss how the United States can offer assistance, the newspaper reported. .

Sanon has a YouTube channel with three political campaign videos from 2011, which include discussions of Haitian politics, according to Forbes. In one of the videos, titled “Dr. Christian Sanon – Leadership for Haiti”, Sanon talks about corruption in the country and introduces himself as a potential leader.

Sanon has lived in Florida for more than 20 years, ranging from the Tampa Bay area to South Florida, according to the Miami Herald. Public records show he had more than a dozen businesses registered in the state, including medical services and real estate, though most are inactive.

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