Fitness, Beauty & Wellness Apps In S’pore: Vaniday, Classpass, Mindbody

When it comes to booking anything online, whether it’s a dinner reservation at a restaurant or a hairdressing appointment at a salon, this has always been a problem.

One would have to scour the Internet, research and compare reviews online, then visit individual websites to find specific rates and services, before moving on to call to make a reservation.

After all this hassle, the reservation may not even be confirmed due to unavailability.

This is why app booking has been a huge lifeline as it creates an easy and convenient way for consumers to book various appointments with just a few clicks.

There are a few fitness, beauty, and wellness apps in Singapore, which is why Vulcan Post compared three of these platforms to find out what each has to offer.

1. Vaniday

vaniday singapore
Screenshot of Vaniday’s website

Last month, Vulcan Post wrote about Vaniday’s comeback.

For those unfamiliar with it, beauty booking app Vaniday had announced its sudden closure in Singapore in December of last year amid rumors of financial problems.

Despite an unfortunate exit, Vaniday was resurrected with a whole new direction and direction.

It has since been reorganized as a ‘One-Stop Beauty and Wellness Portal’ and has expanded its merchant base to include gyms, chiropractic services, acupuncture therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). ).

vaniday merchants
Notable Merchants on Vaniday / Image Credit: Vaniday

Since Vaniday’s phased launch in February, it has hosted a total of 1,000 merchants, although its CEO has expressed ambition to triple the merchant base to 3,000 by next year.

While the list of traders for its beauty related services is quite long, the options for new service additions like Chiropractor (four traders), Gyms (five traders) and TCM (two traders) are rather limited.

Either way, it stays true to its vision of being a “one-stop-shop” portal. In addition to offering reservation services, Vaniday also serves as an electronic marketplace for beauty and wellness products (a quick check of the app showed that it sells Korean skincare from brands like Nature Republic. and Innisfree) and offers a digital beauty and lifestyle magazine called VaniZine.

What’s also great is that Vaniday has revamped its loyalty program. Customers loyal to their favorite salons and brands enjoy perks like increased cash back.

In addition to this, Vaniday offers promotions from time to time so that users can benefit from further discounts. Some services also offer cheaper prices for first time trial users, so it is worth opting for different trial services in different lounges for more savings.

2. ClassPass

Interestingly, the reverse is true for the ClassPass fitness app (compared to Vaniday).

classpass beauty and wellness services
Screenshot of ClassPass email

Last month, he announced that users can now book “beauty and wellness sessions” on his platform.

Due to COVID-19, ClassPass has branched out to offer online classes, which are delivered live with lower credits than physical classes. This is a great option for users who prefer the convenience of training at home and are willing to forgo on-site advice from trainers.

Its brand new wellness services come in different categories: massage, facial treatment, cryotherapy (the use of low temperatures in medical therapy) and sauna.

There is also a stand-alone online language course (available in one-month and three-month options) which can be found under the Wellbeing tab.

On the other hand, her beauty services include manicures and pedicures, rashes, eyelashes, haircuts, and eyebrows.

classpass singapore
Screenshot of the ClassPass website

Although ClassPass has expanded its range of services, ClassPass is first and foremost a fitness booking app – it has an overwhelming number of partners in this area (381 to be exact) compared to wellness (68 partners) and fitness. beauty (10 partners).

Its fitness services are also very varied, ranging from outdoor studios, yoga, pilates, HIIT, cycling, barre to gyms. Class packages are also available, so you can stock up on classes at your favorite studios at a reduced price.

Another great thing about the ClassPass app is its interface. Navigation is very simple and users can filter their search based on dates, time, number of credits and amenities.

Interestingly, ClassPass works on a subscription model basis. Users can choose from four different plans to meet different frequencies of use:

  • 8 credits for $ 19 / month
  • 25 credits for $ 59 / month
  • 45 credits for $ 99 / month
  • 85 credits for $ 185 / month
  • 150 credits for $ 315 / month

This means that a loan can cost anywhere from $ 2.10 to $ 2.37, depending on which plan you choose.

To put it in perspective, a quick check of the app showed that the lowest credits for a yoga class are 4 credits, a massage is 25 credits, while an express manicure is 5 credits.

Note that ClassPass offers a seven-day free trial for new members.

3. Mindbody

mindbody singapore
Screenshot of

There is also another player called Mindbody who is from the United States.

Founded in 2001, Mindbody promotes itself as a cloud-based business management software. A quick query of the company revealed that it had launched in Singapore in 2005.

According to its website, Mindbody said it helps connect the world with wellness. Its software has connected “hundreds of thousands of passionate health, wellness and beauty professionals to the millions of clients they serve.”

A search of his website revealed that he had partnered with more than 100 fitness and wellness and wellness studios, as well as 13 beauty companies.

It offers 20 fitness categories, including yoga, circuit training, boxing, pole fitness, tai chi, and rock climbing.

On the other hand, it has 15 wellness categories, including massage, acupuncture, nutrition, chiropractic, prenatal, reflexology, water therapy and body care.

Finally, it includes eight beauty categories: hair salon, facials, nails, hair removal, makeup / eyelashes / eyebrows, medical spa, tanning and even tattoo / piercing.

Each search on Mindbody can be filtered based on class, studio, or instructor, as well as fitness type, distance, and grades.

Mindbody also works on a flexible pricing system – you can choose to pay for a single session, a course pack, or unlimited options.

mindbody offers
Screenshot of

You can also look for cheap courses in the Offers section. There are $ 5 yoga classes for kids and a $ 10 prenatal yoga trial class.

This trend won’t die anytime soon

The rise of fitness, beauty and wellness apps in Singapore is evident.

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled a health trend as many consumers begin to take a serious toll on their well-being.

As COVID-19 also accelerated the pace of technological trends, many fitness studios and beauty salons are bringing their businesses online, which has helped the rise of these booking apps.

The CEO of Mindbody, for his part, is taking advantage of this trend as he is benefiting from a surge in demand in his business as people continue to stay at home due to COVID-19.

Even after this pandemic is over, these apps will continue to experience increased demand because, as food delivery and rideshare apps have proven, Singaporeans are willing to pay for the convenience – and that’s exactly it. that these apps offer.

Featured Image Credit: Vaniday / ClassPass / Mindbody

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