Exploring the Finest Scotch Whiskeys with Bruichladdich

Off the west coast of Scotland there are over 50 remote islands called the Hebrides Islands. Only 15 of these islands are inhabited, but the Southernmost known as the Isle of Islay (pronounced “EYE-luh”), is world famous for manufacturing Scotch Whiskey. With a small population of only 1,500 and known by many like ‘Whiskey Island’, Islay, is home to Bruichladdich, a distillery created in 1881 which today distills 4 unique spirits, all bottled on site.

Bruichladdich is a progressive distillery known for experimenting with recipes and processes. They producing both unpeated (sweet) and peated (one being gin) single malt Scotch whiskeys, challenging the status quo of whiskey distillation on the island and beyond.

The Classic Laddie – Unpeated Scotch Whiskey

Recently, we had the chance to participate in a virtual tasting of Bruichladdich’s flagship spirit, The Classic Laddie. This classic, non-peaty, non-smoked, floral and complex Scottish whiskey, matured in a variety of barrel types, is made from 100% Scotch barley and triple distilled.

While some people enjoy peated Scotch whiskeys with a smoky character, they are definitely not for everyone. This is where a spirit like Classic Laddie comes in. With a magnificent deep golden caramel color coming entirely from the sitting position in the cask (no added caramel color as other distilleries often do), this sweet and warm Scotch whiskey with malt, vanilla and oak, and Caramel, apple and berry notes are an incredibly pleasant sip. Even for someone like me who is a total newbie when it comes to drinking Scotch whiskey, I could easily see myself sipping this to warm myself up on a cold evening. The stunning Tiffany blue bottle from the Classic Laddie is also worth highlighting. Not only is it a beautiful color, but it also provides a wealth of information on what you’re about to sip on. It may sound strange, but only a handful of whiskey producers will share the origins of what they distill. Bruichladdich thinks you have a right to know what’s in your drink and how it got there. This is why unique codes are printed on the back of each bottle associated with each batch of whiskey produced. Our code of 20/109 entered here on the Bruichladdich website revealed that our bottle was made from a vat of 74 total barrels, 4 vintages, 3 types of barley and 10 types of barrels. As this is a natural product and the recipe may vary, each batch and bottle of The Classic Laddie will have slightly different tasting notes and aromas. That’s part of the fun of drinking it.

You can read more about the Bruichladdich Classic Laddie and watch the tasting experience below.

Octomore 11 – Highly peated Scotch whiskey

Whether you’re a whiskey lover or just starting to develop a deep appreciation for things like me, be sure to check out a unique whiskey-themed content trail called ‘The Octomore 11 Insider’s Guide’.

Octomore 11 is the last vintage of Bruichladdich in the Octomore series, and literally the most peaty Scotch whiskey in the world. To complete its release, “The Octomore 11 Insider’s Guide” is an immersive online experience created by 11 great whiskey enthusiasts, experts and influences also nicknamed “The Octomore 11”. They had exclusive access to the team and inner workings of the Bruichladdich Distillery to take an in-depth look at the origins, ingredients and complex flavors of Octomore, the world’s peatiest whiskey. And if you already have and appreciate Octomore, it will only strengthen your appreciation for this remarkable spirit.

Visit the links below to start exploring Octomore 11. The guide is divided into six chapters, featuring another team member’s blog who will take you on a fascinating tour of the whiskey community.

The chapters of the “ Octomore 11 Insider’s Guide ” are linked below:

And don’t forget to visit our other friends who attended the Classic laddie tasting. Cheers!

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